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Boot & Shoe Trades Journal, June 26th 1914
William  Claridge

Charles Claridge William Claridge
Charles Claridge
William Claridge
There are few firms held in higher esteem than that of William Claridge, and fewer who have done more for the trade of the district. With every temptation to lower the standard of footwear, they have ever striven to keep up the quality and produce goods of which none need be ashamed. In this they have been very successful, and their reputation for durability and honest worth is an enviable one. They secure the best materials, and having a factory with the latest and best machinery are able to prepare footwear combining style and long service. The methods of the house are progressive, and their business integrity beyond reproach. It is good for a district to have such houses in their midst and their influence on the trade is exceptional. Foreign buyers may with safety entrust their indents to Messrs. William Claridge. They have a long and wide experience of the export trade, and understand its requirements in every particular. The business was established in the early '60s, and though practically all kinds of men's and boys’ have always been made, the house has never catered for the cheaper class trade, preferring to make sound, reliable, medium-class goods. This is the class trade still done in M.S., K.S., and welted. The latter comprise a fine variety in all styles, Gibson shoes, brogue, Oxford, and counter shoes in smart designs and sensible, up-to-date styles. Excellent value in all kinds of Bals., open tab Bals., and Derbys are also made in M.S., K.S., standard-screwed, and welted goods. For sound, reliable goods at moderate prices this house is in the forefront. The house was established by the late William Claridge, who died many years ago, and the management is now in the hands of Mr. John Claridge and Mr. Chas. Claridge. Mr. John Claridge has given of his time and substance for many years for the benefit of his fellows, and is identified with most of the administrative bodies of the district. He is a Justice of the Peace and a County Councillor, and takes the keenest interest in the welfare of the county and especially of Rushden. Both the partners are ardent supporters of sport in general and cricket in particular, and the King of Games has no more loyal adherents than Mr. John and Mr. Chas. Claridge.

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