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Fred Corby

Mr Fred Corby
Mr J A Corby Mr J T Colson
Mr Fred Corby
Mr J A Corby
Mr J T Colson

Mr. Corby commenced in business in the year 1890, and seems to have been extending ever since, as building operations took place in 1893, 1900 and 1908. The result is a large and commodious factory replete with all the necessary appliances for modern leather production. All classes of leather for the general trade were prepared before the war, but since that time most of the works have been engaged upon Government leather for the British and Allied armies. E. I. Kips have been the firm’s principal trade, but they also prepared large quantities of kip butts in memel, russet and wax. All the purposes for which kips are suitable, such as box sides, football, golf, and other leathers, etc., have found a place at these works, and in happier times will doubtless be seen again.

Mr. Corby thoroughly understands his business and few have better deserved success. He served his apprenticeship with Messrs. B. Denton & Son, Curriers, etc., where his father was foreman, and thus obtained a thoroughly practical training which he has turned to advantage. He take a keen interest in the public affairs of his native town, and is ready on all occasions to serve her interests.

Saddler J. A. Corby joined the R.H.A. at the commencement of the war, and is now serving with his Battery in Mesopotamia.

Mr. J. T. Colson joined the firm in 1901, and has acted as representative ever since.

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