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Cox & Son

Mr Albert Cox

Patentee of the Flexible Britannia and Gem Slugging Machines

Established 1899. This well-known firm have now over one hundred of their famous Britannia running in all parts of the world. Messrs. Cox’s latest success is the Clench Slug, which makes sole slugging perfect and adds 50 per cent. to the wear, besides making it impossible for slugs to fall out. These and other inventions in slugging machines have placed Messrs. Cox in the very front rank, and their popularity over a wide area proves their dependability and superiority. Mr. Edgar Cox, son of Mr. Albert Cox, has been serving his country in France with the Motor Transport for the past twelve months.

Note: Albert was first in partnership as Cox & Brown

Rushden Echo, 12th February 1909, transcribed by Kay Collins

A Remarkable Offer—We notice that Messrs. Cox & Co., of Rushden, are making a special offer to manufacturers putting in their latest Britannia slugging machine. They give two or three months’ free trial, and will make a present of the machine to any manufacturer who can find one to beat it, royalty or non-royalty. The firm have already 16 Britannia sluggers running in Rushden and Higham Ferrers alone, and every one of them giving entire satisfaction.

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