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Abraham Groome & Sons

Mr G H Groome
Mr G H Groome
The new factory

Lieut A O Groome
Lieut A O Groome
The late Mr Abraham Groome founded the business in 1850. He began in a very small way in the Backway, “Hind Style”, Higham Ferrers. There were only two small rooms, but the business flourished, and in 1866 he removed to High Street, Higham Ferrers, where the concern was carried on until the year 1889. A new factory was then built on the one-floor system at Rushden in the year 1890. Mr George Henry Groome and Mr William Alfred Groome were taken into partnership, and subsequently Mr Albert Owen Groome was included. The business has been successfully conducted in the present premises since the above date, and all through the firm have stood for Sound, Reliable Footwear. They have a factory fully equipped with the latest appliances and produce fine goods for Home and Export. They are well and favourably known in most Foreign and Colonial Markets, particularly at the Cape and India. The shipping trade is a large part of the firm’s business, but whether for home or export Messrs A Groome & Sons produce a good article and conduct their business on upright, honourable lines. At the moment they are mainly engaged on Government work, but when peace once more holds her sway they will be found as alert and energetic as ever in providing for their large and growing clientele.

A member of the firm Lieut Quarter-master A O Groome, has been serving his country at the Cambridge Military Hospital since August 1914.

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Wellingborough & Kettering News 18/01/1889, transcribed by Peter Brown

Narrow escape—On Monday morning, as the men in the employ of Mr. A. Groome were waiting for the signal to commence work, several of them went to the front of the boiler to warm themselves, and a few minutes before time as four or five were leaning against the front of the boiler there was a crash and they were deluged in steam and warm water. It appears the boiler was emptied on Saturday and the plate at the mud hole was not properly secured, and as the water warmed and expanded, it forced off the plate, but fortunately the water was not hot enough to scald, or the consequences might have been serious, as several of the men had a drenching.

Rushden Argus, 7th March 1890

To Builders
Persons who wish to Tender for a SHOE FACTORY to be erected on Rushden Hill, Rushden, for Mr Abraham Groome, of Higham Ferrers, must kindly send in their names to my Office not later than noon of Friday the 14th inst.

J E Cutlan
Architect &c.

Steam boiler
The first steam boiler installed at
A Groome & Sons - when they traded behind No 5 High Street, Higham Ferrers
Extract from Council Meeting Dec 1913

Messrs. Groome and Sons’ Cottages - The Inspector also reported that he had seen Messrs. Groome and Sons with regard to the laying on of the town water to their cottages in Oak-street, but as yet nothing had been done. It was resolved to recommend the Council to serve a notice on Messrs. Groome requiring them to provide an adequate and proper supply forthwith.

1926 map Oak Street built in 1890
Groome's Factory (blue) Kilburn Place (green)
Oak Street factory taken after WWI - was later H W Chapman's

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