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Jaques & Son Ltd.

Established in1910, by Mr. H. F. Jaques, and his father, Mr. J. Jaques, they were making Boys’, Youths’ and Men’s Medium Class Goods, and prior to the War was doing a fair export trade, but during the War were largely engaged on Government work.

They took over the factory, built in the 1890s, of W H Perkins & Co, in Station Road.

When Mr. H. F. Jaques (Managing Director), on his own initiative, joined His Majesty’s forces (Cpl., R.G.A.), he left the management of the business to Mr. John Spencer and Mr. Arthur H. Lawson (Secretary).

Captain H F Jaques RGA
Captain H F Jaques RGA

Mr John Spencer, J.P. Mr A H Lawson
Mr John Spencer, J.P.
Mr A H Lawson
Rushden Echo, 28th January 1916, transcribed by Gill Hollis

Promotion — Gunner Harry F. Jaques, boot manufacturer, of Rushden, 59209, 4th Co. Royal Garrison Artillery, has been promoted to be bombardier. He is at Tynemouth castle, Northumberland, at the mouth of the River Tyne.

Rushden Argus, 24th August 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

Shop Outing—By the kindness of Mr. H. F. Jaques, of Messrs. Jaques and Son Ltd., who is now on leave, a shop outing took place on Saturday to Turvey and Bedford. About 90 employees took the journey, which was made more pleasant by gifts of chocolates, cigarettes, and cigars which Mr. Jaques had provided. The outing, which was arranged by Mr. J. Spencer, J.P. (Manager), and Mr. A. Lawson (secretary), was of a most enjoyable order, the weather being all that could be desired. Mr. Jaques paid the men’s wages for the outing, the expenses, and made each a gift of 2s. The party arrived home at 12 midnight.

Rushden Echo, 21st December 1917, transcribed by Gill Hollis

Tribunal - Harry Jaques, boot manufacturers, of Harborough-road, again appealed.  He said he had volunteered four times when all his brothers went, but had been rejected on each occasion, but was subsequently, at Northampton, put in Class A.  He now produced a certificate from Dr. Milligan stating that he was unfit for severe military service. – The case was adjourned for a month, in order that applicant may be re-examined.

Rushden Echo, 26th July 1918, transcribed by Kay Collins

AN ACCIDENT occurred on Tuesday at the factory of Mr. James Jaques, Fitzwilliam-street, to Mr. E. Joyce, who, whilst working a press, had the misfortune to get his left hand on top of the knife, with the result that has lost the top of his thumb. Mr. Joyce, however, since the accident has made a plucky attempt to continue at work, but this (Friday) morning had to relinquish his good intentions in this respect, although he is making progress as satisfactorily as can be expected.

A fire in 1921 destroyed the whole factory, and plans were drawn up for a new factory on the single storey system.

Factory front
The front elevation to Station Road, with 6 bays of factory behind with north windows.
Two stone name plaques 'Jaques & Son' were above the office windows.

Rushden Echo, 12th August 1921, transcribed by Kay Collins

The Recent Factory Fire - Mr Harry James (Messrs Jaques and Son Ltd), boot manufacturers, Rushden, met all his employees at the Trade Union office at Rushden on Monday morning, and gave them all the holiday payments, and then proceeded to explain to them his position. He has taken temporarily the premises lately occupied by Messrs. J. Eden and Co., Station-road. The clickers were asked to commence work on Tuesday morning—which they did—and the closers were given work to be executed outside. The finishers and pressmen were given work upon the premises in Station-road, but the hand-lasting is to be done outside.

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