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T. Robinson & Sons

T Robinson & Sons
The factory of T Robinson & Sons in Gordon Street

Mr. Thomas Robinson, Mr. S. Robinson, Mr. F. Robinson

The business was established in 1908, and when they outgrew the old premises, Messrs. Robinson & Sons bought a large and convenient factory farther afield. Here they specialise in Best and Medium Youths’ and Boys’ footwear and produce large quantities of these goods. They are organised for these lines which they prepare to the satisfaction of a large number of customers. In these times, however, they have, in a patriotic spirit, undertaken Footwear for the British and Russian Governments. Private Ernest Robinson, son of Mr. T. Robinson, is serving his Country with the Royal Fusiliers.

Rushden Argus, 17th August 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins
Bowls—Mr. Tom Robinson, shoe manufacturer, of Gordon-road, Rushden, is representing Rushden in an important bowls tournament shortly to be held at Hastings. Mr. Robinson is a prominent Rushden bowler, and is expected to do very well indeed in the tournament.

Extract from a Military Tribunal in May 1918

Sidney Robinson, 39, married, Grade 1, a partner in the firm of Messrs. T. Robinson & Sons, six months exemption.

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Liquidation 1926

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