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Alfred Sargent & Sons

The Portland Road factory
Alfred Sargent the founder The lasting department
Factory in Portland Road
Mr A Sargent
Inside the lasting department

Frank Sargent Harry Sargent
Mr F Sargent
Pte. A H Sargent
Mr A. Sargent founded the business in 1900, in John Street, Rushden. Here large quantities of footwear were produced until increasing business compelled the firm to move to a new and up-to-date factory in Portland Road, in August 1915. All the latest and best machinery was installed and driven by two powerful motors. The factory is also lighted by electricity, in fact, everything has been arranged for the comfort and convenience of the employees, besides providing all the essentials for modern shoe manufacture. All the members of the firm are keen, alert business men and understand thoroughly the art of producing footwear. Mr. Frank Sargent was taken into partnership in 1907, and Mr. Harry in 1915, and their energy and ability, combined with the ripe experience of Mr. Sargent, Senior, is bound to make for success. They have been exceptionally busy making many thousands of boots for the British and Allied Armies. When normal times prevail again, they hope to take up their pre-War lines of Men’s and Youths’ Fine Footwear, in Glacé, Box and Chromes, for the medium class trade (home and export). They are sole makers of the “Sergeants” Boot, which has long enjoyed and enviable reputation. These boots, for policemen and others who require hard-wearing goods, are hard to beat and satisfy all requirements.

Mr Harry Sargent joined the Royal Flying Corps in 1915.

Extract from a Military Tribunal in May 1918

Wm. Frank Sargent, 37, married, boot manufacturer, lieutenant in the Volunteer Battalion, was granted six months.

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