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Darlow & West
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Rushden Echo, 27th November 1908

Messrs. Darlow and West

This firm have during the last few years rented a three-storey factory in Newton-road, Rushden. They have this week purchased a large and exceedingly suitable piece of land in Gordon-street—the new street running from Irchester-road into Wellingborough-road beyond the Oakley—and on this land they intend to erect a spacious new factory. The piece they have secured comprises 1,567 square yards, and consists of ten plots as originally offered for dwelling-houses.

Messrs. Darlow and West purpose building a modern up-to-date factory on the one-storey principle, with “north lights” in the roof. They are making a high-class boot, and in the new premises they expect to double their out-put, whilst they will still have land available for further extensions in the future. In the new premises more hands will be employed than could possibly be accommodated in their present factory in Newton-road. In fact they could have done considerably more trade last spring if they had not been handicapped through lack of room.

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