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Grenson's History
1874 factory

Sketch of the original workshop
by R K Green
At first William Green had made shoes in the loft over the corn merchant’s in Newton Road and sold his wares to a shoe factor, Mr Darnell who travelled up from London on behalf of shoe shops there. He liked the quality and encouraged them to expand.

In the year 1866 William Green started making shoes in the drawing room of a private house in Green's Yard, Rushden and soon built his first factory close by.

Green's Yard was between Albion Place and High Street South, and close to the "Old Meeting" Baptist Church that the family attended.

Photograph of the plaque on Green's factory carved by Mrs Prickett's great grandfather
Behind the first factory built in 1874
Plaque on Green's Factory
High Street South

Taken by Sam Powell c1890 - sent to us by Wm Church's great granddaughter.
c1890 staff
Back row l-r: Wm Green, William Church, ?, ?, ?.

The firm's next factory was built in the town in 1895 and was greatly extended over the years to meet demand.

an early picture
Queen Street Factory built in 1895
and in 2006. Converted into flats in 2016.

The firm is now in new premises at Crown Park.

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