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Article and photos by Paul Wright
Grenson's 2013
old factory new factory
The old factory and.................
The new ............. at Crown Park

During the summer of 2013 a Rushden shoe making institution finally left its former home, where it had been based since 1895, and moved to the Crown Park estate in Rushden to a modern manufacturing complex near the Waitrose store.

trade mark
William Green and Sons has been making top quality welted footwear in the town for many generations. The trademark "Grenson" was first used in 1913, and it has been that leading brand name for 100 years now.

At one time the company employed the services of over 400 highly skilled people, taking pride to make a pair of shoes to treasure for many years to come.

The town once had a shoe factory on nearly every other corner, now sadly there are but a handful of companies.

Never a mass producer of footwear "Grenson" can proudly boast that the whole manufacturing journey through the factory from start to finish for a single pair of shoes could take up to three weeks to complete.

old new
The old factory
The new unit at Crown Park

 From Style Magazine, 2016
inside the new factory
In 2016 the company celebrated its 150th birthday.
The captions are: Only 15 factories are still working in Northamptonshire today, there are 200 stages in the making of a pair of shoes, and it takes 2 weeks to make each pair with time for each shoe to rest on the last to ensure good shape.
staff in 2013
To celebrate the company held a garden party at the works, and the Red Arrows did a fly past to delight the workers. Tim Little, the artistic director and owner of the company, said they have now opened a shop in New York. Picture: Steve Prouse

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