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William Green & Son (Grenson) Ltd
Wholesale & Export Boot Manufacturers
Grensons factory

trade mark price tag 1960s
Trade Mark

Price Tag

1916 postcard
Postcard sent on
4th August 1916 to
Messrs Jno Drage & Son
Boot Mfctrs,


Re Box Derby S260
Our no 7582
Have you any more
of the leather?
If so, we could do
with 2 or 3 more gross.
Also if you have any
other stock lines of
similar stuff. Kindly

Yours truly

Rushden Echo, 1st January 1915

Presentation—On leaving the clicking department of Messrs W Green and Son’s factory, Mr W C Tarry was presented by his fellow-workers with a travelling case.

S Series - tag a shoe tag
Tag from a new shoe - c1990s?
Photograph of the plaque on Green's factory carved by Mrs Prickett's great grandfather
Plaque on Green's Factory
Extract from the Memories of Mrs Prickett:

My grandfather, he was Mr Margettes, he was foreman in what they called the finishing room there. When he was married his wife's father was a craftsman, a stonemason and he made the . . . he carved a plaque. There's a shoe on the old factory down the bottom there. Greens first shoe factory, that's it yes, he made that plaque. Mr Margettes' wife's father, she was a Green, that's why this was called 'Green's Yard' because they had the factory at the bottom, it was always known as Green's Yard. As I say he made that plaque and they were the first people when this chapel was built up here, the Baptist Chapel; they were the first couple to get married in it. My great grandfather, Mr Green, the stonemason, they was the first couple to get married up here.'

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