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Grenson - News and Notes

Rushden Echo, 27th August 1915, transcribed by Gill Hollis

An accident occurred yesterday week to Mr. H. Cooper, a carpenter in the employ of Messrs. Whittington and Tomlin, Queen-street. Mr. Cooper was engaged in the erection of a shed at Messrs. Wm. Green and Son’s factory, when the ladder slipped and he was precipitated some 20 feet to the ground. Fortunately his fall to the ground was broken by some boxes, or his injuries would doubtless have been of a more serious character. As it was, however, no bones were broken, although Mr. Cooper sustained slight concussion and a dislocated shoulder. He was attended by Dr. Owen. Enquiries made yesterday elicited the fact that Mr. Cooper is making satisfactory progress towards recovery.

This is cut from a larger photo of carnival entries. Although it only the front view it does give the title of the float: Fashions of Two Centuries.

Possibly from 1959 Carnival.

Grenson's Float
Fashions of Two Centuries

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