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Hewitt & Noble

Hewitt & Noble factory
Hewitt & Noble factory, Glassbrook Road, in the 1890's became Hewitt & Hyde until a fire in 1904

In 1889 William Hewitt, originally a shoe retailer from London, arrived in Rushden with his wife, their son William jnr. (W F J Hewitt) and his new wife Ellen, and together they bought into the shoe trade and became partners in the major shoe company Hewitt and Noble. They bought land at the corner of Wellingborough road and built two houses adjacent to the factory in Glassbrook road.  In 1896 the factory changed its name to Hewitt & Hewitt, and Fred Noble started trading on his own.

Mr Fred Noble was made bankrupt in 1902, but carried on trading at 63 Moor Road. In 1908 his son Robert took over the business, trading as F Noble, and he employed his father until 1911, when the firm was once again bankrupted.

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