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The Shoe Trade

hobnailed boots Operation of the sole press circa 1950 Grenson's shoes on display
A line of hobnailed boots - postcard
Sole Press c1950
Grenson's - finished samples

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1914 & 1916 Biographical Directories
Glossary 1919 Year Book

Shoe Trade - Victoria County History

Index of early or small companies
Rushden's Boot Pioneer Ager & Badham
Shoemaking Before Machinery

Allebone & Sons Ltd - mainpage

The Growth of the Shoe Industry (A-Level Study)

Bignells Ltd.

Growth of the Shoe Trade (College Study 1958)

The Rise & Fall of the Shoe Trade

Charles Bull & Co Ltd

(includes interactive maps feature)

Henry Bull

John Cave and Sons
Factory Survey - 23 York Road
"Hearts & Soles"

Ebenezer Claridge & Sons

J & C Claridge Ltd
Factory Collections for Miss Wooding - 1898 Wm Claridge
Rushden & its Industry 1891 & 1900

Clarke T T - Bespoke Boots

Boot School 1900

Clarke & Co

Factories in 1901

William Colson & Co

New Factories - 1908 & Index

Co-op Wholesale Society

Skill Competition 1908
Boot & Shoe Trades Journal 1914
Shoe & Leather News Biographical Directory 1916
Making a Shoe - with glossary of shoe trade terms Coxton Shoe Co.
Boot & Shoe School 1928

Nathaniel Crick

Cunnington Bros.

B Denton (includes interactive e-book)

Employees Fund 1898
Trade Union
D B Shoes Ltd
Dilks & Martin

Double 'M' Shoemakers 1982

Amalgamated Soc. of Leather Workers Eaton & Co
Shoe craft in wartime 1944
Boot Trades Association 1948
Footwear Manufacturers 1847-1940

Fine Art Shoe Co (includes e-book)

Rivetters & Finishers

Fox's Shoes

Shoe Manufacturers' Association Green & Coe
Boot & Shoe - Managers' & Foremen's Assoc. Grenson
A History of the Shoetrade - F J Sharwood
1955 Employment figures
Automation - not yet 1956

William Hewitt

Pensions Act 1959

James Hyde Ltd

Decline - 1960s and beyond C W Horell Ltd
Careers 1973
Shoe Industry 1973-1981 (School Study)
Caring for Shoes James Hyde Ltd
Rushden Shoe Trade Map 1982

Jaques & Clark

News Clips

Jaques & Son

Imports and Exports 1881

Fred Knight

Army Boot Trade 1898
Wages - 1898
War Time Trade 1914 Knight Bros.

Knight & Lawrence Ltd

Joseph Knight
B Ladds
The Export Trade 1924
Unemployment 1925
Shoe Trade in WWII Lofty Slipper Co. Ltd
New Industry Needed Midland Ballet Shoe Co. Ltd.
Shoe & Leather Fair 1954 Nurrish & Pallett
700 jobs to fill Premier Boot Company
BBSI 1969 Prestige Footwear
Shoetrade - Recession Robinson Bros.

Robinson & Corby
Leather Trades & Directories

Sanders & Sanders

Biographical Directory 1914
Biographical Directory 1916
Leather Trades Directories - Index
Trade Directories in Genealogy Section
Leather Trades Dinner 1881 Alfred Sargent

Allied Trades

Walter Sargent

Allied traders

Adhesive Supplies

Box makers

Selwood & Co.
Skerritt, George
Components Steadfast Boot Co.
R Tarry & Co Ltd.


Heel Makers

Tuffrey's Bespoke Boot Works

Tyzown Boot Company

West Brothers

John White

Leather Merchants

C K Woods

Victoria Leather Company
Victoria Shoe Company
George Warner Ltd

Wear & Waterproof Leather Co.

Wilkins and Denton - "Totectors"
Pattern & Knife Makers Wilmott, H E & Co
Horace Wright - Summit Works
Shoe Machinery
Standard Rotary Machine Co Ltd
British United Shoe Machinery Co.
Central Machinery Co. Ltd
Cox & Wright (includes interactive e-book)
Sock makers

Fred Hawkes

Soles and Insoles Norris Industries


Stain & Polish

Slugging Machine 1901

Slugging Machine 1907

E Salmon & Co - Engineers 1904

Supplying the Power

Shoe Trade Failures
for Bankruptcies see Index in Commerce

Sharp & Corbett - 1881

Perkins & Eden - 1893
Lawrence Shoes Ltd 1956

Accidents Memories

Fatality at Tannery 1923

Memories of the "BU" - Richard Hall


Shoe Trade - 1930s Reg Roberts

Workmen's Compensation

Shoe Trade in the 1950s

Jack Tear

Health & Welfare

Jaques & Clark - Margaret Goodwin

Nursing Association

Ron Hunt at Tecnic

Hospital Contributions

Reg Bird - Working in the Shoe Trade

Trades Hospital and Convalescent Home Fund

Paul Roberts at Wilkins & Denton

Flu 1970


Starting Work - Hubert Dickens


Starting Work - Doris Watts

Penn and Simmons Ltd

Chapman's - Jean Ashton

J Darnell & Son

Jim Matthews - A Life in the Shoe Trade (includes audio clips)

Adverts - small traders

Memories of John White's - Eileen Wood

Memories of John White's - Gloria Wallis

Shoe Trade Miscellany

Alan Harper - Shoe Trade Memories


Sam Roughton

Town for Hard Work - 1955

Shoe Trade - Louie Arnsby

Canadians Visit - 1944

Strong & Fisher - office - 1980s

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