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Rushden Echo & Argus 23rd Nov 1923
Mr. John White's Factory Scheme
Newton Road factory in the 1960s
The Newton Road Factory and the Vestry Hall
Gates from the factory
The gates now preserved on a house near Newton Bromswold
Great Developments Pending

Cottages to be Demolished

Details of remarkable developments and extensions that are to be made to Mr. John White’s (Impregnable Boots, Ltd.), factory in Newton-road, were given yesterday by Mr. White to a representative of the Echo and Argus.

One of the finest, and most modern factories is foreshadowed in this scheme, perhaps the largest and most comprehensive that Rushden has seen for some years.

Work is to start in the near future on land at the rear of the present cottages in Park-road, opposite the Echo Office, are to be demolished. On this area a factory extension, probably of two-storeys, is to be erected and the Park-road frontage will be taken up by handsome, modern offices.

With characteristic generosity, Mr. White has kindly found alternative accommodation for the displaced tenants for whom houses are to be erected on the Pytchley-road.

This scheme, although it will considerably increase the output by a large percentage, and will, stated Mr. White, give employment to very many more additional men, is however merely a preliminary step to further developments.

These will comprise, at a later stage, the demolition of a further 14 cottages (in Park-place),and the subsequent erection of gigantic factory premises, over the whole space. It is anticipated that the whole scheme will be in course of operation within a year or so.

Rushden boot operatives will be particularly glad to hear of these developments, of which this is the first intimation, for number of operatives will be verygreatly increased when the whole scheme is completed.

The erection of the offices in Park-road will of course, mean the eventual closing of the offices in Manton-road, and this, Mr. John White informed our representative, would lead to an extension of the factory premises there.

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