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John White - Reports

Headquarters - at Higham Ferrers

Rushden Echo & Argus, 2nd February 1951, transcribed by Kay Collins

John White's profit exceeds quarter million
A Profit exceeding a quarter of a million is reported by Messrs. John White Footwear, Ltd. The actual gross figure is £250,907, and after meeting all charges, including tax, the net total for the group is £124,407, compared with £115,946 for the previous year.

By paying a final dividend of 30 per cent, on capital as increased by a 1-for-3 scrip bonus (making 42½ per cent.) the company, in the words of the "Financial Times," is "passing a little extra on to its shareholders."

It is proposed to place £55,000 into reserve.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 2nd March 1951, transcribed by Kay Collins

£1,000,000 Assets of Boot Firm
Total assets of John White Footwear Ltd. now exceed a million pounds, announced Mr. White at the company's annual meeting at Higham Ferrers on Wednesday.

Adding to a speech which is printed fully in our advertisement columns, Mr. White said the company had excellent stocks of materials at very much below present-day prices, which in most cases, were eight or ten times more than they were in 1938.

Because of the price position, however, the company was withdrawing its present range of productions and introducing a completely new range. He hoped that in March they would sell £360,000 worth of shoes from their old stock.

Mr. White said the real difficulty would be when the high replacement charges had to be passed on to the public. He looked forward with confidence, however.

Mr. B. M. Lindsay Fynn (director) emphasised that John White's had increased their earnings in a year when some members of the trade had "come down with, a bump." They had achieved a much larger increase of output than anyone else in the trade.

The final dividend of 30 per cent was announced on the ordinary share capital. Messrs. P. A. Grey Wilson and A. E. Smith were reappointed directors.

Messrs. Cyril Skeeles (personnel manager) and George Cooper (home sales manager) have been appointed to the Board of John White (Impregnable Boots) Ltd., the groups manufacturing company.

The Rushden Echo and Argus, 20th January 1956, transcribed by Jim Hollis

John White profit up by £76,000
New record trading figures were issued yesterday by John White Footwear Holdings, Ltd. They show a profit increase of £76,000.

The group’s trading profits for 1955 after meeting all charges but before deducting taxation were £335,493, compared with £259,259 in 1954.

United Kingdom taxation amounted to £182,316 (against £148,749), leaving a net profit for the year of £153,177 – an increase of £42,667.

A final dividend of 20 per cent is proposed, and will make 30 per cent for the year. Dividend distribution for the whole year will total £82,840, or £19,000 more than that of 1954.

The annual meeting of the group will be held on March 15.

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