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John White - Staff Gallery
Various photographs that have come to us

George Warren (right) - Lime Street factory manager
Also (left) is Arthur Keech and his wife

a retirement
George Warren making a retirement presentation in the Closing Room
at Lime Street. The floor is of cedar wood.

two managers
Managers at Lime Street Factory
George White 1958-1970 (right) and George Warren 1971-1978 (left)

Evening Telegraph, 17th July 1980 - Workers retiring
TEN shoe workers were given the chance of selecting their own presents when they retired from John White's Footwear this week.
Horace Britten and Kitch Pettit
1980 Mr Langton with Horace Britten and Kitch Pettit

They had clocked up 261 years between them, and production director Mr Frank Langton thanked them individually for their service.

Mr Langton gave each employee a voucher which they can spend locally on whatever they wish to buy.

The size of each voucher depended on the number of years the workers had been with the firm.

Fellow workers also chipped in to buy their colleagues presents.

The 10 who retired are: Mr Kitch Pettit (52 years with the company), Mr Albert Church (51 years), Mr Horrace Brittain (45 years), Mr George Tomlin (35 years), Mr Mick Halloran (33 years), Mrs Agnes Chettle (31 years), Mrs Hilda James (30 years), Mr Ron Goodman (24 years), Mr Frank Gee (three years) and Mr Ray Robinson (two years).

All the employees worked at John White's Lime Street, Rushden, factory.

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