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Messrs. G. Selwood and Co.

116 Newton Road- Built for George Selwood
George Selwood, son of John, was born in 1858, in Portsmouth. He came to Rushden about 1880, as a clicker and lodged with Thomas Maddock and family in High Street. On the ninteenth of April 1883 he married Sarah J Maddock at the Old Baptist Church. They had two children, Harry B in 1888 and Grace in 1890. George died in 1931 aged 73, and Sarah died in 1946 aged 84. They are buried in Rushden cemetery. In the 1890s he had a family home built in Newton Road.

The Rushden Echo, 20th November 1908, transcribed by Jim Hollis

The Staple Trade at Rushden
  This firm have had plans prepared showing extensive additions to their factory in Harborough-road, but it is not likely that the scheme will be proceeded with, as Messrs. Selwood and Co. are inclined rather to build a spacious new factory on the latest principle.  This latter course, in fact, we have reason to state, would be decided upon forthwith could the firm find either a customer or a tenant for the present factory.  It is certain that the present premises are inadequate for the firm’s growing trade, and the new factory may be settled upon even apart from the selling or letting of the present building.

A letter head dated 1928 depicting the "spacious new factory" built in 1909

A few pages from the 1938 Catalogue
Entrance Directors
Established 1888
Tel. Address: Sel-Shar, Rushden

George Selwood & Company

Wholesale and Export Boot and Shoe Manufacturers

Rushden, Northamptonshire, England

"From small acorns big oak trees grow". After 50 years of honest trading we look back with satisfaction upon the fact that from a small shed our business has grown to a large commodious factory, fitted with a plant of the latest up-to-date machinery which enables us to produce Men's and Ladies' Walking and Sports Shoes to suit the eye and pocket and to fit the feet. "We serve the world" is not only our slogan but is a fact. Our export turnover has shown yearly increases since 1921, proving our contention that our products are right for each market.

In the following pages are shown actual photographs of a few of our productions selling in the overseas markets.

We thank our many friends the world over for past favours and look forward with confidence for their support in the future.

Yours to serve,
F. J. Sharwood
H. B. Selwood
F. G. Deane

Mens' Walking Shoes
Mens' Walking Shoes
Mens' Spectator Sports Shoes
Mens' Spectator Sports Shoes
Ladies' Spectator Sports Shoes  Men's Golf Shoes
Ladies' Spectator Sports Shoes
Men's Golf Shoes
Ladies' Golf Shoes Mens' Fancy Walking Shoes
Ladies' Golf Shoes
Mens' Fancy Walking Shoes

September 15th 1941

Dear Sirs,

Concentration of Production

We have been awarded a Nucleus Certificate jointly with Messrs John Cave & Sons Ltd. of College Street, Rushden, which will enable us to continue trading.

We have to release our own premises, but will you kindly note that we shall retain our own trading name, George Selwood & Company, and our ’phone number – Rushden 24 – merely changing our address from Harborough Road to College Street.

The new arrangement comes into operation on November 2nd.

Yours faithfully
George Selwood & Company
F J Sharwood
H B Selwood

A letter to their customers in
1941 when their premises were taken over by the RAF.
Later they moved to the Oakley Road factory of Allebone & Sons.

The Rushden Echo and Argus, 25th March 1949, transcribed by Jim Hollis

Fire System Linked to Main
Despite the risk of a large draw-off of water from the tower in the event of fire, Higham Ferrers and Rushden Water Board have agreed to Messrs. Geo. Selwood and Co. Ltd., connecting the sprinkler valve system in their Rushden factory to the new main in Newton Road.

The Surveyor pointed out that there would be a large draw-off in case of fire, though it was unlikely that all the sprinklers would be in operation the whole of the time.

It would be possible for the tower to be emptied in a long period. In any case, the fire service would probably draw off more water than the sprinkler system.

1954 advert
1954 advert - brand name 'Prosanto'
Nu-matic trade mark Nu-matic
1941 Nu-matic trade mark
offices entrance
The frontage of the factory offices built in 1914
the factory
Aerial view of the factory shortly before demolition
Rushden Echo, 15th March 1918, transcribed by Kay Collins

Piscatorial—Mr. W. B. Sanders, Mr. G. Selwood, and Capt. Vann, fishing at Radwell yesterday week, caught ten pike in three hours, the aggregate weight being over 40lbs. The largest fish scaled over 10lbs.

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