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Pecks Transport Ltd - PX
Employee Notes

Pte. J E (Bruce) Mortimer

A Souvenir Programme

PX Social Club

First Annual
Christmas Party

held at

Windmill Hall

on January 8th 1949
Christmas Party 1949

Basil Barnett's wage slips for 50 Hrs. Work. (Dec 1949 & Aug 1948)
August shows arrears of a pay increase

A selction of photographs of 1950s into the 1960s from Bob Daly's archive
Day shift
In the PX canteen - known as the Bunk-house
Cliff Taylor
Cliff Taylor, night foreman in the office
The picture of me at Cissie's cafe: The high-rise flats behind my lorry, were the very first of London's
new range of flats around 1953. In those days my vehicle would have been restricted to 20 mph.
We were allowed 4 hours to get to London, so by the time deliveries were done, there wasn't enough
time to return to Rushden. Bob.
Karrier lorry
Beaver lorry that Bob Daly drove

Bill Gibson's Karrier Bantam lorry, (of Carnegie St)
in the late 1950s when BRS were taking over.
Bob Daly is 4th from left - at Cissie's Cafe, London

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