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The Rushden Echo ad Argus, 28th September 1951, transcribed by Jim Hollis
Road Courtesy to be Rewarded
Thrift will also be boosted at Rushden
Modern Sir Galahads will come into their own at Rushden and Higham Ferrers next week when Road Courtesy Week takes place. Any acts of courtesy and gallantry, whether by motorist, cyclist or pedestrian, will be noted. Discreet inquiries as to the person’s identity will be made and he or she will later receive a letter of thanks.

Observer-in-chief throughout next week will be the organiser, Mr. George S. Green. Both he and the County Organiser, who will tour the area in a loudspeaker van, will be on the watch.

Churches in both Rushden and Higham have been notified of the Week and asked to help. Hundreds of posters will be displayed, and Courtesy Week markers have already been issued with library books.

Further endeavours to make the public courtesy conscious will take place at the three local cinemas, where appropriate slides and films will be shown. Calendars are to be distributed to shopkeepers for display purposes and it is hoped that a police loudspeaker car will also take part.

Briefly, the aim of Road Courtesy Week is to educate the public in the need for courtesy on the road, whether riding, cycling or walking. It is felt that the practice of courtesy minimises danger.

Crown Jewels
National Savings will be the subject of a second Rushden campaign during the same period, and the centrepiece of the propaganda is a superb set of replicas of the Crown Jewels. Only two of these sets have been made, and Rushden is the only Northamptonshire town where the replicas will be exhibited.

The collection is a large one at full scale, and includes all the principal crowns, with sceptres, staffs, mace, orbs, ampulla, spurs, bracelets, swords, Order of the Garter and Order of the Bath. It will be arranged in the windows of Messrs. Clark Bros. in High Street.

Schoolchildren have been invited to write essays on the jewel display and Councillors C. G. Faulkner, C.A., and W. E. Capon are offering prizes for the best contributions by a boy and a girl.

The campaign – part of the “Lend Strength to Britain” appeal – also includes a social and film show for savings workers and committee to be held at the British Legion Hall next Friday. Mr. R. T. Saint is the secretary.

Mr. K. G. Gibbard, of the Rushden Trustee Savings Bank, will represent the committee at a national campaign meeting in the Royal Festival Hall, London, on October 9th.

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