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United Counties Rushden Depot Minute Book
1958 - 1963

Depot Meeting held on Jan 20th, 1958.

Bro Richardson in the Chair.

1. Dup on 11.45 a.m. Town Service. It was suggested that this should be put on Duty 20, if this was turned down then on to Duty 15. This was proposed by Bro Tobin and seconded by Bro Mumford. An amendment was proposed by Bro Martin & seconded by Bro Mumford. “That this should be put on Duty 15.” The proposition was carried.

2. Discussion on Duty 12. It was proposed by Bro Britchford & sec. by Bro Tobin “That this should be taken to Bro Walden on worsening of conditions i.e. the report period to be taken out of Spreadover.” This was carried.

As there was no other business the meeting closed at 11.50 a.m.

Depot Meeting held 26th Dec, 1958.

Bro Richardson in the Chair.

The Meeting opened at 10.30 with a --- attendance.

A report was given by the Chairman on the economies proposed by the Company. This met with complete disapproval.

A resolution was tabled by R. Tobin & Sec. H. Clark “We totally disagree with the proposals that have been put up by the Company regarding economies.” This was carried with one vote against.

Details were given for the new summer holiday arrangements, that is that holidays commence after duty on Friday instead of Thursday. H. Richardson (Chairman). Proved true record, Bro C. Dickens.

Depot Meeting held . . .

Bro Richardson in the chair.

The Meeting opened at 10.45 with poor attendance.

New Holiday Rota. It was proposed by Bro L. Gilbert and seconded by Bro Holser “That we keep to the old Rota this year and that the new Rota be posted not later than Dec 1959.”

A report was given by Bro Richardson on the latest business of O.M.O.

As there was no other business the meeting closed at 11.15.

Owing to the resignation of Bro Richardson, the result of the ballot to fill that position was as follows: Coley C. 7; Mumford J. 14; Tobin R. 22. Therefore Bro R. Tobin was elected a member of the Committee.

Depot Meeting held on Jan 13th.

Bro R. Tobin in the chair and Bro G. Walden present.

The Meeting opened at 7.40 with a fairly good attendance at short notice.

Reconstituted Duties. Bro G. Walden explained to the members present how Reconstituted duties had been paid by Management and advised them not to operate any Reconstituted (Duties) unless they got paid their own duty plus a call out with a minimum of not less than three hours.

Bro Walden then drafted out a Resolution which was passed unanimously. The Resolution was as follows “That we are not prepared to accept any alteration to our schedule duties resulting in payment on the basis of what Management call ‘Reconstituted Duties’ and we ask other Depots to support us in this. We are prepared to assist in covering duties in the same way as we have done in the past, before ‘Reconstituted Duties’ were introduced by Management.” Proposed H. Williams. Sec. A. Hunt. R. Tobin (Chairman).

Depot Meeting held on Friday 29.1.60.

The Meeting was called for 10 o’clock and eventually started at ten minutes past eleven with 11 members present.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted. There was nothing arising from these. A letter from Bro Walden was read asking for details of the Reconstituted Duty that two men had been asked to work, this was to assist him in discussions with the General Manager on this subject. The reply from Bro Tobin to this was read.

Letters from Kettering, Northampton and Bedford were read assuring their support in the stand against working these Reconstituted duties. These letters were in reply to ones that had been sent to them on this matter.

The Committee reported a meeting with the Management through which it was agreed that the Woodford to Corby service, one journey of which was to operate from Rushden was to be a separate call out and the duties 13, 19 & 501 should remain as they were. This concluded the business and the meeting closed at 11.45 a.m. C. E. Martin Sec.

Depot Meeting, Monday Feb 22, 1960.

This Meeting was called for eleven o’clock but owing to there being insufficient members at this time a start was not made until eleven forty.

The main purpose of this meeting was to discuss a resolution that had been put forward at the last Branch Meeting. This was “That negotiations take place with Management to obtain payment from start to finish of scheduled duties.” The resolution was discussed at length and the outcome was a proposal by Bro Richardson h. Seconded by Bro Clark W. “That we endorse the Branch Resolution.” This was carried. C. E. Martin Sec., R. Tobin Chairman.

Proposed: Bro Parker. Seconded: Bro Randall.

Depot Meeting held on Tuesday 7-3-61.

The Meeting opened at 6.45 p.m. with 20 members. The minutes were read and accepted.

Arising it was asked if the resolution regarding unofficial stoppages had been brought up at the Branch Meeting and what action if any had been taken. The answer was that it had been laid on the table.

Depot Meeting held on Friday, Jan 6, 1961.

The Meeting which open at 11.40 with 12 members present was in place of one which had been called by Bro Tobin for 11 p.m. the previous night. Bro Tobin having been called away this was not held.

The only business discussed was the proposed stoppage on Saturday 7-1-61. The outcome of discussion was a proposal by Bro Richardson H., seconded by Bro Bailey B. “That any future unofficial stoppage of labour is carried out by secret ballot to enable everyone to have an opportunity of casting their vote.” Voting was 15 for, 0 against.

It was then said that if this was not carried at the Branch Meeting, then Rushden to do this alone.

It was stated that no vote was taken on the Ex. Resolution before it was taken to Branch. It was asked how Rushden Committee voted at the Branch Meeting on this resolution.

The Meeting was then closed. C. E. Martin, Sec.; R. Tobin, Chairman.

Depot Meeting, Feb 17, 1961.

The Meeting opened at 6.55 p.m. with 12 members present.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted. Arising, it was asked about the resolution regarding any further stoppages of labour that had been brought up at the Branch Meeting. This had been laid on the table. Bro Richardson H. then proposed, Bro parker seconded “That this resolution regarding unofficial stoppages be brought up again at the next Branch Meeting.” This was carried.

Next business was O.M.O. There was much discussion on this, many questions were asked and answered to the best of our ability. Bro Gilbert proposed, Bro Parker seconded “That O.M.O. is worked on a voluntary basis and is outside the main Rota.” This was also carried 14-0, one member abstained.

Bro Richardson put forward an amendment, Bro Clarke D. seconded “That the period shall not be less than three months and that the volunteers shall not be used for any other work except as a last resort.” This was carried.

A further resolution was put forward by Bro Farrow S., seconded by Bro Hadfield F. “That duties issuing W.T.s on Monday be given two cash bags to enable them to pay some of this money in advance.” This was carried.

Bro Tobin then told of the Committee trying to get Mr Howcroft to agree to sign any further agreements reached, but he had refused and said his word was good enough. Support was given to back the Committee in future in still trying to get their signed agreements.

The Committee then told the members that a meeting was being arranged between the Management and the Committee regarding the new duties on which so far we had been unable to agree.

The meeting was then closed at approx 8.15. C. E. Martin, Sec., R. Tobin, Chairman.

Depot Meeting, Tuesday, 7-3-61 at 6.45 p.m.

The meeting opened at 6.45 p.m. with 20 members present.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read. Arising, it was asked about the proposal regarding unofficial stoppages that had been taken to the Branch. The answer was that it had been laid on the table. The Committee were then instructed to raise it again at the next meeting. The minutes were then accepted.

After a discussion on OMO a proposal by Bro Parker and seconded by Bro Randall was put forward “That the clause regarding men taught to drive by the Company being forced to take on OMO operation be deleted.” This was carried.

A discussion on Saturday duties followed and it was felt that no duty should have more than 2 hrs Town Ser.

On extra duties a proposal by Bro Richardson, seconded by Bro Hunt was “That all rotorised extra duties be left to the discretion of the Committee as to where they be placed on the Rota.” This was carried.

The meeting was then closed. C. E. Martin, Sec.

Depot Meeting, Sunday June 11th, 1961 at 10.30 a.m.

6 members turned up for meeting. With such a small attendance the Meeting was cancelled.

Depot Meeting on Wednesday, 14th June 1961 at 10.00 a.m.

Owing to redecorating of the Mess Room the Meeting was held in bus No 772 in Parking space. Bro R. Tobin in the Chair.

The meeting opened at 10.20 with 15 members present.

The chairman opened the meeting by explaining the difficulty the Committee experience from some of the members re closure of I’boro Depot and felt the lack of attendances at the Meeting called for Sunday morning June 11th, 1961, the posting of notices of a meeting to be held on Monday, June 12th asking the Chairman to attend, the Chairman felt in the interest of the Committee to call for a vote of no confidence in the Committee, this he did, but no one moved.

Chairman then went on to report what took place at Houghton Rd. It was suggested by the Depot representative that a separate Rota be compiled for I’boro members at Rushden. This was agreed by the Company. After a long discussion it was resolved that I’boro members be allocated a separate Rota with Booking on time 6.20 a.m. and booking off time 11.5 p.m. 14 for, 1 against. C. E. Martin, Sec.

Depot Meeting held on Friday 16-6-61, 7.00 p.m.

Bro Walden was in attendance at the request of the Committee.

The meeting opened with 12 members present.

Bro Tobin told of progress to date regarding the closure of I’boro Depot.

Many points were raised by members. Bro Walden was asked to bring the meeting up to date with business that had transpired since wage award. The Company had told us that economies would have to be made.

The O.M.O. position was still hanging fire and not being proceeded with. The closing of I’boro Depot was then brought forward. Meetings had taken place between the Company and our representatives but could not get the position altered.

A Special Meeting was called when we were told that if O.M.O. could start on a limited scale Mr Robinson would consider keeping I’boro Depot open, but this proposal was rejected and support promised on obtaining the best conditions possible for the I’boro men.

Bro Walden reported progress on the new duties with the I’boro men coming to Rushden. Staff Transport was discussed and different opinions raised. A question was asked if Wednesday proposition could be rescinded. Bro Walden replied that it would have to be put on the agenda and posted to inform those who voted for it what was likely to happen. Bro Parker than proposed “That a meeting be called to rescind Wed proposition.” This was seconded by Bro Clark H. and was carried. 10 voting for, 2 abstaining.

A meeting was fixed for Saturday at 11.30 p.m.

The meeting then closed. C. E. Martin (Sec).

Depot Meeting, Saturday 17-6-61, 11.30 p.m.

Bro Walden, Bros Grundy, Wyman & Banyard were in attendance at this meeting which opened wit 11 members present.

Bro Walden once more outlined the position and after some discussion Bro Coley proposed “That we endorse Wednesdays proposition,” but there was no seconder for the motion. We then had a proposal “That the I’boro duties be merged into the Rushden Rota. Transport to be on duties where it meant an additional 30 minutes pay.” Before this was taken a vote was taken on a separate Rota for I’boro men. This was defeated by 3 for, 8 against, so the first proposal was taken and carried.

It was requested that the Rota should be comprised of 3 lates and 3 earlies per week. By this time it was 12.30 and we had to leave the Depot. Discussion still took place outside and it was said that when I’boro men operated duties carrying the Staff Transport it should be allocated to other duties or be a call out.

The meeting then dispersed. C. E. Martin (Sec.).

Depot Meeting, Friday June 30, 1961.

The meeting opened at 11.00 a.m. with 11 members present. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted.

Arising, it was asked about the minute regarding the Staff Transport and the 30 min pay. The Secretary explained that having written the minutes in a hurry they were perhaps not as full as they might and then read a report he had sent out on to the Branch where it was stated that what was wanted was for the Transport to be on Duties where it meant at least an additional 30 minutes pay as previously the Company had tried to put it on make up Turns, and then when the I’boro men came to these duties it should be made a call out. There was much discussion on this matter and it was then agreed that the Committee seek guidance at the Branch Meeting and then report back.

In other business Setright defect sheet reported to be full on most occasions but nothing saying what action had been taken with the defects.

It was also reported that the clerk at I’boro had told one of our members that if he wanted an early finish on his day off or extra duty he should be like others and see him first. It was agreed that this should be taken up with the Depot Supt as soon as possible.

At the outset of the meeting we had a proposition from Bro Britchford “That we revert to the original proposition of a separate Rota for I’boro men.” There was no seconder for this. Bro Lane said some of the I’boro men didn’t want it now and this was not proceeded with.

The meeting then closed. C. E. Martin (Sec.). H. Richardson (Chairman).

Ballot Returns for Electoral Period 1962/63.

Branch Chairman.

Benford B. M. 1
Clarke W. 20
Moisey F. W. 22

Branch secretary.

Archer Unopposed

Depot Committee.

Martin C. E. 20
Mumford J. 23*
Richardon H. 30*
Smith H. 16
Tobin R. 30*

No of Papers issued . . .
No of Papers used 46
Spoilt Papers 0

Depot Meeting 6.2.62.

Meeting opened at 10.35 a.m. with 14 members present with Brother H. Richardson presiding.

Brother Richardson opened the meeting by pointing out that if at any time the Committee could not get enough of members at a meeting then the Committee would deal with any problems to the best of their ability.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and agreed.

The chairman then dealt with the minutes of the Monthly Meeting with the D.T.S. the first item was Private Hire, Express & Excursion, and after a rather long discussion it was decided that minute one of the Monthly Meeting with D.T.S. be endorsed, and list to be formed of all members wishing to operate Private Hire & handed to the D.T.S. and if the D.T.S. did not adhere to minute one of the Monthly Meeting of January 6th, 1962, then another meeting would be called to see what could be done. At this time there were 20 members present.

The next item was overtime, this took quite a considerable time and after a long discussion it was decided that the Rotarised work remain as it is at present, except Duty 154, it was decided to try and split this duty to make the last part a bit easier to cover.

Brother Stoked raised a point of re-routing Kings Ave dinner time workers to proceed via Kimbolton Rd & Lancaster St on the outward journey only. This was passed.

Several members complained that the body of the buses were getting more attention than the windscreen and requested that this be an item for the agenda of the next Monthly Meeting, together with the driver’s defect sheet.

The members also raised a point about the bus stop in Station Approach, Rushden 7 requested the Committee to try and have it moved to the Labour Exchange in Rectory Rd. It was also requested to try and re-route service 402 at Finedon on the outward journeys, to operate via Finedon X roads as coming out at Obelisk Road was a dangerous black spot.

Complaints were also received about the windscreen wipers on some of the buses not having a wide enough sweep.

Meeting closed at 11.50 a.m. H. Richardson (Chairman).

Moved: H. Robinson. Seconder: F. Parker.

Depot Meeting, March 29th, 1962.Meeting opened at 10.10 with Brother H. Richardson in the Chair.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and agreed.

It was pointed out by the members that Duty 53 was discussed at the later part of the Meeting held on the 6th February 1962 regarding a tea break. Brother Richardson gave a report on this item and the only way to get a tea break was with duty 9. this lead to a rather long discussion on re-scheduling and it was decided by the meeting that the Committee request the Management for a re-schedule of all our Duties with O.M.O. journeys mixed in with other Duties, keeping the number of Duties as at present with a view to improving meal breaks in all Duties. Moved by D. C. Clarke. Seconded by H. G. Clark. Voting 8 for, 4 against. Resolution carried.

Complaints were received from a number of the members regarding the (.ecetoler) & brakes on 386.

Brother Cramp raised a point regarding the bus stop at Barton Hall on Service 413 & wanted to know what would be the position if the police wee to take action.

Meeting closed 11.50 a.m. H. Richardson.

Moved: Brother F. Page. Seconded: Brother H. Smith.

Depot Meeting, 4th May 1962.

Meeting was times to take place at 10.30 a.m. but owing to the small number of members present at 10.30 the meeting did not open until 11.5 a.m., with Bro H. Richardson in the Chair.

The minutes of the previous meeting held on 29th March 1962 wee read and agreed. Matters arising. Brother . . . read a letter the Sec. wrote to Management regarding re-scheduling, to which no reply was yet at hand in writing, but the Committee did raise the point with Mr Howcroft when they met him on the Town Service stop. His reply was that Schedule Dept. were up there eyes at the moment.

Brother Richardson then went on the give report on the Town Service stops based on a report from Mr Howcroft, that traffic lights were going to be erected outside the Garage.

Brother Richardson also reported on the wage award, but no correspondence was yet at hand. Also correspondence from Branch Sec. re M. of R. advertisement.

Moved: H. Clark. Seconded: H. Smith.

Depot Meeting. August 2nd, 1962 at 10.30 a.m.

Meeting opened at 10.35, with Bro Richardson presiding. There were 10 members present. Bro Mumford read the minutes of the previous meeting held in the Canteen on the 4th May 1962. These were agrees.

Matters arising. Bro H. G. Clark raised the point on re-schedules to which the Chairman replied. Bro Tobin also explained that the Committee were trying to build a Rota comprising of three earlys and three lates, but in their efforts found it a very difficult job.

A letter from Mr Walden was read re committee request to meet Mr Wellman, Traffic Manager to raise points regarding Private Hire, Excursion and Express, Re-shuffle of the Rota. This meeting is still pending.

Bro Mumford explained another way of working Rotarised Rest day work on Sunday, and after a rather long discussion it was decided that we stay as we are. It was moved by Bro Farrow, seconded by Bro H. Smith. 10 for, 3 against. Motion carried. H. Richardson, Chairman. Pro. Bro Hunt.

Special Depot Meeting held in Canteen on Friday, 24th August at 10.30.

The Meeting opened at 10.50 with Bro Richardson presiding.

Agenda. Duty X1. Bro Richardson opened the meeting by explaining the reason for a Special Meeting, re Duty X1.

Duty X1 had been agreed to by Committee and D.T.S. to be attached to Schedule Duty. This had been done until the D.T.S. decided without any consultation with Committee to take it away from Schedule Duty 12 and put in front of Driving Tuition, this the Committee did not agree with. Representation was made with D.T.S. with no results, it then followed through Mr Walden and after several telephone conversations with Mr Hartley and Mr Wellman, Mr Wellman agreed to instruct Mr Brooksbank to leave Duty X1 on the Schedule Duty as it had been agreed. When the position of Duty X1 was cleared to our satisfaction more duties were submitted from Management showing Duty X1 deleted, this led to a long discussion re people left on the 8.32 Bedford Rd Rushden via Newton B and it was decided by the meeting that only 63 passengers be carried on this bus. H. Richardson (Chairman). Pr. Bro Stokes, Sec. Bro Hunt.

Depot Meeting, 18th Sept 1962.

Meeting opened at 10.50 a.m. Bro Richardson in Chair.

Minutes of the Meeting held on the 2nd of August 1962 were read and agreed.

Matters arising. Report was given about the Meeting with Mr Wellman re P.H. etc.

Minutes of Special Meeting were read and agreed.

Duties 9, 9D and 11 were discussed and it was resolved, Pro. Bro Parker, Sec. Bro Williams “That they agreed with the way the Committee are dealing with the matter.”

Meeting closed 11.50 a.m. H. Richardson (Chairman).

Depot Meeting 22-2-63.

Meeting opened at 10.40 a.m. Bro Richardson presiding. Minutes of the Meeting held on Sept 18th 1962 were read and agreed.

Agenda: New Rota. Brother Richardson gave a lengthy report on the proposed New Rota submitted by Management consisting of 36 line. Bro Richardson explained with the new Rota could provide for a five day week. Spare duty not to be included and after long discussion it was moved by Bro Britchford and seconded by Bro King J. “We reject this Rota in view of the fact that it is a reduction in average weekly earning, our basic wage been too low to stand a reduction.” Passed unanimously.

It was also moved by Bro Britchford, seconded by Brother King J. “That no duty should carry less than 7 hrs work, on a fleet basis.” Passed unanimously.

It was also moved by Brother Barclay F., seconded Brother Tebbutt F. “When we did get a reply from Management on the new Rota another Meeting would be called.” This was agreed.

Brother Richardson outlined minute 79 of the Monthly Meeting regarding Detailing during Report period.

Meeting closed 11.50 a.m. H. Richardson.

Depot Meeting, 5th November 1963.

Meeting opened 10.45 a.m.

Minutes of the previous meeting held on 22nd February 1963 were read and accepted.

Bro Richardson gave a lengthy report on the proposed new Sunday duties, and after a long discussion it was moved by Bro Claridge, seconded by Bro J. King “That we retain 18 working Duties on Sunday.” This was carried unanimously.

Meeting closed at 11.45 a.m. J. Mumford. 13/12/63.

Special Depot Meeting. Held in the Canteen on 13th November, 1963.

Bro Mumford gave notice of Bro Richardson’s resignation owing to ill health.

Owing to Bro Richardson’s resignation it will not be necessary to hold a Ballot for the Depot Committee as Brothers Stokes, Mumford and Tobin were the elected members for 1964-1965.

The object of the Special Meeting was called because the Company did not want 18 Sunday Duties but wanted 17 Sunday Duties.

Bro Mumford gave a long report on Company pressure to operate 17 working Sunday and after a long discussion it was moved by Bro Parker, seconded by Bro Tebbutt “That we will not accept 17 working Sunday duties, but the Committee will negotiate on 18 Sunday.” This was carried unanimous.

Meeting closed 11.50 a.m. J. Mumford. 13-12-63.

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