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Extracts from J E Smith's typed notes, now deposited at Northamptonshire Record Office (NRO) Ref: 285P/272-301.

Mrs Corby showed me a setting of the 'Benedic' by Mr Corby, her husband, which I found very good, & it was published by Novello. Her copy of Handel's 'Messiah’ was 'Folio' size, Commemorative Edition, by Dr John Clark 1844. An Engraving on front page of 'St. Cecelia'.

Mrs Corby also remembers what they used to call the 'Galloping Wagon’. She said that the 'Coach’ used to come through Rushden at 12 o'clock, Midday, & also mention is made in "Turvey” Church of the 'Hawksleys'.

'Coaches' 'Northampton Mercury' Feb. 13, 1808 (100 years ago)
Very deep snow, Mail Coaches detained at Lathbury from London, Mail Bags despatched on Horseback near Dunstable 8 o'clock in morning, 15 Coaches waiting. Liverpool Coach overturned. Men cut a passage through. Manchester Telegraph led the way, snow 5 & 6 feet deep. Rushden Coach came through.

Rushden Coach (or rather which came through)
Mrs Cox (formerly Mrs Riddle) told me today (Feb 16 1908) that she remembered the Coach coming through & used to run behind, she also remembered it being snowed up, up the Bedford road & someone belonging to her helped to dig it out. She was about 6 years old (about year 1832)

Rushden Coach
Mrs Corby against Mr S Chettle Fishmonger told me (same day) that she too remembered the coach, that it used to stop at the 'Waggon & Horses' Inn also that they changed Horses.

Old Mr Bayes (Charles) told Mr Whittimore that the Coach Horses used to lie in his 'Barn’ (top of Rushden).

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