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Proposed Railway

Rushden Argus, 06 Dec 1889, transcribed by Kay Collins

Notes of the Week

From the plans of the new Branch of the Midland Railway, now on view at Mr. Packwood's it appears that the new line will branch off from the main line in Irchester parish near the Viaduct and will run along the fields owned by Mr Arkwright on the north side of the road leading to Wellingborough. It will pass under the Ditchford-road, and be continued along the field, by the back of Mr. Sanders' lodge on the Higham-road. This road will be crossed a little to the east of the Stackyard by a bridge with a 25 feet span, and 15 feet high. Striking across the fields at this point, it will cut across the road to Higham some little distance below the "Oakley" by another bridge of the same dimensions, and several houses and other buildings near the place will have to be removed. From this point it will cut across Rushden brook, where a viaduct of high embankment will be necessary. Passing over Rushden High-street by another bridge the line will pass into Mr. Mason's field, and near his residence, where it is proposed to have the station. Leaving here it will turn in the direction of Higham, crossing the road near the Waypost, and running to near the Manor House, where it will branch off in the direction of Stanwick and Raunds.

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