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The Railway Bridges

A bit of a squeeze for double deckers
Courtesy of the late Colin Bryant's Collection
The bridge near St Peter's Avenue being demolished

Evening Telegraph c1995

Though many in Rushden are mourning the possible loss of the local railway station museum, there must be few who miss this old railway bridge. It was so low that one private bus company had to let the tyres down on its double deckers for them to squeeze under.

This picture of the High Street (north) in the snow was taken by Colin Bryant of Victoria Road, Rushden. In the background is the old Royal Variety Theatre.

The bridge c1970
A wide angle view of the Bridge, Queen Victoria Hotel, Railway Station and Ellis & Everard's yard (top right).
It was taken by Arthur George and he had marked where he would trim it for a postcard.

Demolition of the old railway bridge - came by email. The footbridge over the railway line was still standing.

Up - up - and away!
The old bridge being taken down.

Below left - the final piece to be lifted.

bank removal
Work continued after the bridge removal - the bank was removed.
work continued

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