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Rushden Echo, July 20th 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins
National Union of Railwaymen

The Rushden Branch - Suggested Labour Candidate
At the monthly meeting of the Rushden branch of the N.U.R. held in the Trades Union Institute, Rushden, on July 8th, Mr. T. Ansell presided, supported by Mr. J. C. Turner (secretary).

Councillor W. R. Smith, J.P., of Norwich, accepted an invitation from the members to attend and place before them his views on Labour questions, after which the following resolution was carried unanimously:-

“That we, the members of the Rushden Branch of the N.U.R., after hearing the views expressed by Councillor W. R. Smith, do hereby instruct our representatives to the adoption meeting of the East Northants Labour Party to support the nomination of Councillor Smith. We are fully convinced that we should be represented in the House of Commons by a representative of our own class, and we sincerely believe that Councillor Smith is a fit and proper person to be our candidate. We also pledge ourselves to give him every support we can by advocating the candidature to all workers in the constituency, and thereby assisting to the utmost of our power to secure his success at the next election”.

Mr. W. E. Pollard, of Kettering, gave a detailed report of the Leeds Convention. Arising from his report was a long discussion on the action of the Seamen’s and Firemen’s Union with regard to their attitude towards Mr. Ramsay MacDonald and Mr. Jowett. A resolution was carried regretting the action of that Union in allowing itself to be made the tool of persons who are opposed to the right of free thought and speech, believing that such action is a direct curtailment of the liberty of the subject.

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