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The Rushden Echo and Argus, 29th October, 1943, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Boys’ Brigade and The War
Rushden Campaign For New Companies
Set up in Rushden during the war of 1914-18, the Boys’ Brigade movement in the town has been reduced from three companies to one during the present war. Strenuous efforts are now being made to restore the situation.

In this, the diamond jubilee year of the Boys’ Brigade, it is realised that the local branch must join with the Youth Movement generally in a forward policy. Recruiting has started, and the officer problem – perhaps the greatest difficulty of all – is being faced in earnest.

The 1st Rushden Company, attached to the Methodist Church, was formed in February, 1916, and is still doing good work. The Baptist and Highfield Baptist companies, established at later dates, are in abeyance.

Higham Ferrers and Raunds have kept their companies together, but the Irthlingborough unit has lapsed.

Officers Lost

Throughout the district the work has been impeded by military calls, which have robbed the companies of many officers and N.C.O.s., and the shortage of experienced leaders has been all the more unfortunate because so many new subjects are on the war-time schedule.

In addition to their usual activities the B.B. companies are to-day providing trained boys for A.R.P. work, the N.F.S., hospitals and canteens. Thousands of members have qualified for the B.B. National Service Badge for over 100 hours of unpaid service. Special instruction has been given so that boys will know how to act in time of danger through air raids, and many have distinguished themselves by their brave conduct.

Bible Class and drill, however, are still the most important features of B.B. life. The training is all on the basis of religion and discipline.

Recruiting Plans

About 200 new companies have recently been established in the country, this proving that the Boys’ Brigade has a definite part to play in the national Youth Movement.

From November 26th to 28th the Rev. Marshall Taylor, District Organiser for the West Midlands, will be in the Rushden area on a special mission to meet prospective helpers and secure their interest.

Conferences will be held, and the local officers are expecting substantial results.

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