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Bernard Clark

Augtograph Book - collected whilst serving in the RAF

The Crew who signed the book

These autographs with
quotes and verses were collected for David Clark
by his father Bernard.
I sit up in my little dome
Feeling cold and all alone,
Searching vainly for a foe,
Hoping that my guns will go.
Calling forth in high delight,
Here comes Jerry get out of sight!
When I land again at Base,
A smile appears upon my face,
Because I know that there will be,
Three fried eggs & bags of tea.
To think that I should ever be,
A Flying Spanner with one GC,
Giving Revs & Boost & fiddling the juice,
And being what is termed an F/E.
At shooting the line WE are expected
At eating and drinking DAD's hot
But when he's out with the women
He's easy the best of the lot.
A Navigator is never lost - he is,
however temporarily uncertain
of his position. Thats me!

The Navigator in the Gen Crew.

I wish that I could "shoot the line"
as have those two good friends of mine
Whose names are writ ahead of me
for you and everyone else to see
But as I live on England's shores
I'll sign myself sincerely yours.
This picture is glued into the book.

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