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Crimean War

We have no information about Rushden at this time, except
these Snippets mentioning the war that came to our notice:-


............Mr. Saunders, a soldier in the Crimean War who settled in Rushden as a bookmaker...................built Lion Terrace in the 1870s
[From the 1841 census, he was born at Rushden in 1830 but was away when the 1851 census was taken]
Extract from a golden wedding report 1908

Mr Elijah Houghton—I was in the Militia for some years. We were in Dublin at the time the Crimean War broke out, and a number of us, including Mr. William Knight, of Ebenezer-terrace, Rushden, volunteered to go whenever we were wanted. Now, Mr. William Knight and I are the only two left in this neighbourhood. We who volunteered were formed into the 2nd Battalion of the 48th Regiment. They sent us out to Gibralta, but took us no further. We were under the Marquis of Exeter. At the time of the Indian Mutiny we went to Plymouth and did garrison duty. The late Silas Bailey, of Rushden, was with us—he lost his arm in the Crimea War. At Plymouth I made many friends among the sailors, and obtained numerous curiosities from them. We had a live monkey once, and it used to run about the house—yes, and it used to steal Mr. Spong’s Apples, too.”

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