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Rushden Echo, 29th September 1916, transcribed by Gill Hollis

An Interesting Display

Enterprise at Rushden - Thousands of War Pictures
Unique Pictorial Postcards

Unusually large crowds gathered on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday last in front of the premises of Mr. Charles Robinson, newsagent, High-street, Rushden, to inspect the special display of picture postcards of the War, officially sanctioned, and issued by the “Daily Mail.”  Mr. Robinson has had many a good window show in the past, but the opinion of the spectators clearly was that he has never had so fine a show before.  The postcards themselves are unique, and, of course, can be issued by no other firm, all the rights being vested in the publishers of the “Daily Mail,” who, by the way, are devoting half the net profits to war charities, and have guaranteed a minimum sum of £5,000.  The postcards are produced in colours, in black and white, and in various other forms.  The subjects, many of them are truly wonderful, being actual photographs taken at the front, and showing modern warfare in all its grim realities.  Photographs of eminent generals and others are included, and photographs of the firing of guns, the effect of shells, the interior of the trenches, and similar subjects will serve to convey an excellent idea of what the boys at the front are experiencing.

But, besides the excellence of the postcards themselves, the crowds had perforce to admire the tasteful way in which the cards were set out, some of them being so arranged as to effectively show the wording “Please help the war charities.”  Mr. Robinson displayed conspicuously some attractive posters calling attention to the fact that the sale of every postcard helped a military charity, and he also had a number of bills specially printed in colours, referring to the postcards.  We cordially congratulate Mr. Robinson on his smart ideas.

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