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Compiled from various articles on our website, 2014
Emigrants return
Former 'Rushdenites' enlisting for WWI

Some of the 'Rushdenites' who had
emigrated and returned to fight in WWI
Pte Reginald F Bromage Enlisted in Canada
Sgt W H Chettle Emigrated 1905 Canada
Tom Field Clark Emigrated 1911 Canada
L/Cpl  Harbour Emigrated 1905 Canada
Pte Arthur Hind Emigrated Canada
Pte C Bertie Hodson Canada & Australia
Pte Ernest E Hodson DCM Canada
Pte Frederick W Hodson MM Canada
Pte Ernest Jackson Emigrated 1906 Canada
Pte Charles H  King Enlisted Canada 1914
R H Knight Enlisted Queensland
Pte Ralph Linnitt Canada
Sgt Thomas J Long Enlisted Canada 1914
Cpl Archie A Mepham 2 years in Canada
Pte A Nobel Emigrated Canada
Pte George Noble Enlisted Ontario 1915
Pte Ewart Sanders Emigrated Canada
Pvt James W Sanders Emigrated 1906 U S A 
Cpl W E Scroxton Emigrated 1912 Canada
Pte Frank Short Emigrated 1911 Australia
Pte Thomas F Short Emigrated 1911 Australia
Mr H  Swindall Enlisted Canada
Pte Walter G  Underwood Emigrated 1912 Canada
Enlisted Toronto
Gnr James Walker Emigrated 1911 Canada

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