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The Rushden Echo & Argus 1943, transcribed by Gill Hollis.

Local Roll of Honour

Men and Women Who Have Enlisted in the Services
July & August 1943

(A longer list is printed in the newspaper. We have extracted the names which have not appeared before.)
2nd July, 1943

COLEMAN, Marine Donald H., 53, Upper King’s-avenue, Higham Ferrers. – Royal Marines. (Home and Colonial Stores, Ltd., Rushden).

NUTTER, Albert Ernest, 24, Pemberton-street, Rushden. – G.S.C. (Messrs. J. White, Ltd.).

DARLOW, C/A Herbert, Irchester-road, Rushden. – Royal Navy (C.W.S.).

PECK, Wren Norma C., 112, Higham-road, Rushden. (Messrs. J. White’s office staff).

FIELDS, Pauline May, 141, Hall-avenue, Rushden. – W.L.A. (C.W.S.).

UNDERWOOD, L.A.C., 23, Co-operative-row, Rushden. – R.A.F. (R.I.C.S.).

HORN, Joan, 3, Sussex-place, Rushden. – A.T.S. (Chamberlain).

WOODCROFT, O/S Derrick (Joe), 3, Albion-place, Rushden. – Royal Navy. (Coxton Shoe Co.).


BARKER, A.C.1 J. D., “The Knoll,” Wharf-road, Higham Ferrers.

MARTIN, Sergt. K. R., 20, Pemberton-street, Rushden. – R.A.F. (Rushden Echo).

ELLIS, Petty Officer G. G. – Royal Navy


MILLER, Pte. Reginald, 47, Highfield-road, Rushden. – Transferred from Northants Regt to Airborne Division. (W. C. Tarry, Ltd.)

9th July, 1943

ADAMS, Olive Mary, 44, Prospect-avenue, Rushden. – A.T.S. (P.X., Ltd.).

GODFREY, Gwendoline Madge, 27, Talbot-road, Rushden. – A.T.S. (C. W. Horrell, Ltd.).

BEEBY, Kenneth Stanley, 38, Tennyson-road, Rushden. – R.A.F. (John White, Ltd.).

WHITEMAN, Pte. Robert Clifton, 20, Queen-street, Rushden. – G.S.C. (C.W.S.).

ELLIS, Petty Officer S. G., 8, Tennyson-road, Rushden. – Royal Navy.

HODGKINS, L.A.C. Ronald, 81, Wellingborough-road, Rushden. – R.A.F.V.R. (Tecnic Boot Co.).

16th July, 1943

AUSTIN, Dennis, 22, St. Margaret’s-avenue, Rushden. – Royal Navy. (Glossops).

SHRIVE, Pte. Stanley James, 132, Highfield-road, Rushden. – I.T.C. (J. B. Edwards, Ltd.).

BAYES, Geoffrey, 103, Park-road, Rushden. – Royal Marines. ( G. Selwood and Co.).

TOMPKINS, Stoker Raymond F., 123, Highfield-road, Rushden. – Royal Navy (Laughton and Son).

PETTITT, O/S Philip John, 40, Grove-road, Rushden. – Royal Navy (P.X., Ltd.).

WILSON, Sydney Keith, 168, Cromwell-road, Rushden. – R.A.S.C. (Wm. Green and Son).

SHORTLAND, Stoker Richard M., 20, Windmill-road, Rushden. – Royal Navy (Parker Construction Company).


ALLEN, Bombardier Frederick Jack, “Alward,” Quorn-road, Rushden. – R.A. (Gordon Boot Co.).

KNIGHT, L.A.C. Clifford William, 2, Rushden-road, Wymington. – R.A.F.V.R. (Tecnic Boot Co.).

CATLIN, Pilot Officer H. W., 16, Oswald-road, Rushden. – R.A.F.

MOORING, L/Cpl. E. A. (Nancy), 4, York-road, Higham Ferrers. – A.T.S. (R.I.C.S. Drapery Dept.).

GODFREY, Warrant Officer 2nd Class Gwendoline Madge, 27, Talbot-road, Rushden. – A.T.S. (C. W. Horrell, Ltd.).

SHORTLAND, L/Sea-Gunner D., 20, Windmill-road, Rushden. – Royal Navy (Crane’s Bakery).


MOULE, Charles William, 21, Washbrook-road, Rushden. – Transferred from G.S.C. to R.E. (Robert Marriott).


HILL, Pte. Raymond Douglas, 12, Newman-street, Higham Ferrers. – Discharged from Northamptonshire Regiment.

23rd July, 1943

CHAPMAN, Herbert R., 13, The Crescent, Irchester-road, Rushden – Royal Navy. (P.X., Ltd.).

McCARTNEY, Craftsman Alan J., Park Villa, Avenue-road, Rushden. – R.E.M.E. (Central Machinery Co., Ltd., Higham Ferrers).

CRADDOCK, Thomas Richard, 39, Harborough-road, Rushden. – G.S.C. (Woodley and Sons).

QUINCEY, Pte. Betty, 80, High-street, Higham Ferrers. – A.T.S. (Wm. Green and Son).

MAY, Pte. Charles James, 56, Newton-road, Rushden. – G.S.C. (Jaques and Clark).

VORLEY, Pte. Charles Samuel, 13, Westfield-avenue, Rushden. – G.S.C. (Sanders and Sanders).


LONG, Flying Officer Walter, 1, Beaconsfield-terrace, Rushden. – R.A.F.

STOKES, Warrant Officer B. W., 144, Higham-road, Rushden. (John White, Ltd., Higham Ferrers).

MAY, Sergt. William Henry Bennett, 5, Highfield-road, Rushden.

6th August, 1943

ABLETT, Pte. Gwendolyn M., 14, Oswald-road, Rushden. – A.T.S. (C.W.S.).

HAYNES, A/Str. Reginald, 16, Upper Park-avenue, Rushden. – Royal Navy. (J. White, Ltd.).

ALLEN, Pte. Jean Iris, 27, Oval-road, Rushden. – A.T.S. (F. W. Woolworth).

MARTIN, Pte. Deryck Herbert, Upper Queen-street, Rushden. – G.S.C. (R.I.C.S.).

BEARDSMORE, Pte. Ronald A., Prospect-avenue, Irchester. – G.S.C. (Almarco, Wellingborough).

MARTIN, W/M Geoffrey, 5, Grove-street, Higham Ferrers. – Royal Navy (Rushden and District Electric Supply Co.).

CROOK, Gnr Robert G., 42, Bedford-road, Rushden. – R.A. (B.U.S.M. Co., Ltd.).

WALDEN, Pte. David Ernest, 108, Glassbrook-road, Rushden. – Northamptonshire Regiment. (A. Sargent and Sons).

GOOSEY, Dvr. Edward George, Knotting Green. – R.A.S.C. (Bignells, Ltd.).

LINNITT, L.A.C. L.E., 128, High-street, Rushden. – Award of good conduct badge. (J. White, Ltd.).


HOOTON, Raymond, Rushden. – Discharged from Royal Navy.

13th August, 1943

CHILDS, Pte George Henry, 46, Oval-road, Rushden – Pioneer Corps. (Wm. Green and Son)

WILMOTT, A.C.2 Peter, 5, King’s-place, Rushden. – R.A.F.V.R. (Coxton Shoe Co.).

Goode, O/S Maurice, 8, Winchester-road, Rushden. – Royal Navy. (Wm. Green and Son).


LEE, 2nd Lieut. Walter Sidney, 31, Tennyson-road, Rushden. – R.A.

TEW, L/Cpl. Cyril, 37, Victoria-street, Irthlingborough. – Leicestershire Regiment. (John White, Ltd., Higham Ferrers).

PERCH, Pilot Officer D. C., 42, Newton-road, Rushden. – R.A.F.V.R. (Awarded wings on completion of training in U.S.A.).

20th August, 1943

FACER, Gordon T., 18, Trafford-road, Rushden. – R.A.S.C. (John White, Ltd.).

SILSBY, Wren Vera Joan, 127, Westfield-avenue, Rushden. – W.R.N.S. (B. Denton and Son).


EYLES, Cpl. Kenneth, 113, Newton-road, Rushden. – R.A.F. (John White, Ltd.).

GREENWOOD, Bdr. Ronald, 15, Westfield-avenue, Rushden. – R.A. (D. Dickens).

GREENWOOD, Cpl Jack, 15, Westfield-avenue, Rushden. – R.A.F. (Gee, Walker and Slater).

NEVILLE, Sergt. Ross, “Dorwyn,” Fitzwilliam-street, Rushden. – R.A.F.V.R.

27th August, 1943

BAILEY, Nurse Rosamond G., 108, Queen-street, Rushden. – Sanatorium staff (William Green and Son)

LAKE, Pte. Edgar, 22, Denmark-road, Rushden. – R.A.O.C. (B. Denton and Son)

FAULKNER, Ronald Keith, 1, Kings-road, Rushden. – Royal Navy (R.I.C.S.).

MILLARD, Kenneth, 51, Victoria-road, Rushden. – R.A.F. (Wellingborough Grammar School).

HILSON, A.C.W.2 Maisie A., “Klonwell,” Chelveston-road, Stanwick. – W.A.A.F.

SKELLHAM, Pte. Frank Hughes, 21, East-grove, Rushden. – R.A.O.C. (Ministry of Supply).


PRICKETT, A/B, Dick, 67, Portland-road, Rushden. – Royal Navy (S. L. Hunt).

SMITH, A/B Anthony W., 20, Windmill Banks, Higham Ferrers. – Royal Navy (R. Marriott).

PRICKETT, A.C.1 Gladys Mary, 67, Portland-road, Rushden. – W.A.A.F. (C.W.S.).


BURT, Thomas Bernard, 15, Headingly-road, Rushden. – Discharged from Royal Artillery.

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