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The Rushden Echo & Argus 1943, transcribed by Gill Hollis.

Local Roll of Honour

Men and Women Who Have Enlisted in the Services
November & December 1943

(A longer list may be printed in the newspaper. I have extracted the names which have not appeared before.)

5th November 1943

ABBOTT, Geoffrey B., 29, Queen-street, Rushden. – Royal Navy. (A. Abbott and Son).

KNIGHT, Donald William, 8, North-street, Rushden. – R.A.F.V.R. (Timpson Bros.).

BAILEY, Florence Helen, 157, Newton-road, Rushden. – N.A.A.F.I. (John White, Ltd.).

KNIGHT, Joan M., 8, North-street, Rushden. – A.T.S. (Ideal Clothiers, Wellingborough).

CAUSEBROOK, A/C.2 Bill B., 2, Gordon-street, Rushden (John Cave and Sons).

MEAD, O/S Maurice, 171, Newton-road, Rushden. – Royal Navy. (Wm. Green and Son).

PEARSON, Reginald, 14, East-grove, Rushden. – Royal Navy. (Eaton and Co.).

SMITH, L.A.C. Anthony David Lawrence, “Windyridge,” Park-avenue, Rushden. – R.A.F.V.R. (Law student, Oxford).

HELSDOWN, Donald, 74, Queen-street, Rushden. – Royal Navy. (Wm. Green and Son).


HOLLOMON, Leading Wren Ethel, 19, Spring Gardens, Higham Ferrers. – W.R.N.S. (C.W.S., Rushden).

TITE, L/Sgt. J. C. F., 3, Park-road, Rushden. – R.A. (“Echo and Argus.”).

SKELLHAM, Sergt. Walter Bruce, 21, East-grove, Rushden. – R.A.S.C. (Maidstone Co-op).

UNDERWOOD, Cpl. Leonard Frank, 4, Westfield-avenue, Rushden. – R.A.F. (Eaton and Co.).

19th November 1943

BAYES, P/M.2 Clifford Bernard, 24, York-road, Rushden. – Royal Navy. (G. Wilson, Ltd.).

JOHNSON, Keith, 222, Wellingborough-road, Rushden. – R.N. (E. Cox, Higham Ferrers).

BRADSHAW, O/Tel. Geoffrey Walter, “Glaslyn,” Prospect-avenue, Rushden. – Royal Navy. (Student, Wellingborough Grammar School).

LUMBERS, A/Sig. Geoffrey Francis, 5, Tennyson-road, Rushden. – Royal Navy. (Eaton and Co.).

DOBBS, Pte. Joyce Lilian, 6, Queen’s-terrace, Rushden. – A.T.S. (Ideal Clothiers, Wellingborough).

MOLE, O/S Harold E., 24, West-crescent, Rushden. – Royal Navy. (Bignells, Ltd.).

GRIFFIN, Walter Jack, 13, Montague-street, Rushden. – Royal Corps of Signals. (C.W.S. Boot Works).

WILLS, Dennis Christopher, 7, Fletcher-road, Rushden. – Royal Navy. (Denbros).


BOND, L.A.C. Clifford, 8, Wentworth-road, Rushden. – R.A.F. (Student, Nottingham University).

HOUGHTON, L.A.C. Donald Ralph, 14, Crabb-street, Rushden. – R.A.F. (C.W.S. Boot Works).

GOODE, A.B. Maurice, 8, Winchester-road, Rushden. – Royal Navy. (Wm. Green and Son).

NICHOLS, F/Sgt. A. A. W., 138, High-street, Rushden. – R.A.F. (Green and Coe).

26th November 1943

COX, O/Tel. Reginald William, 4, York-road, Rushden. – Royal Navy. (J. White, Ltd.).

NICHOLSON, A.C.2 Roland Sidney, Post Office, Melchbourne. – R.A.F.V.R. (Assistand Surveyor, Air Ministry).

CHILDS, L.A.C. Eric, 23, Windmill-road, Rushden. – R.A.F. (Rushden Heel Co.).

PERKINS, Frank, 124, Newton-road, Rushden. – Royal Navy (C.W.S. Boot Works).

DICKENS, Clifford W. G., 100, Westfield-avenue, Rushden. – R.A.S.C. (Walter Sargent and Co.).

PRIGMORE, Edward W., 3, Bencroft Cottages, Bedford-road, Rushden. – Royal Navy. (Hanson and Co.).

HARDWICK, A.C.2 Gufrey Francis, 45, Tennyson-road, Rushden. – R.A.F. (Coxton Shoe Co.).

WHITEMAN, A.C.W.2 Gwendoline Joyce, 4, Simpson-avenue, Higham Ferrers. – W.A.A.F. (John White, Ltd.).


HILLS, L.A.C. Cyril W., 59, Wharf-road, Higham Ferrers. (Strong and Fisher).

PRICKETT, L.A.C. Gladys Mary, 67, Portland-road, Rushden. – W.A.A.F. (C.W.S.).

17th December 1943

BRIDGMENT, O/Sea. Frederick Ernest, 54, Irchester-road, Rushden. – Royal Navy. (B. Denton and Son).

CLARKE, Pte. Charles Stanley, 82, Park-road, Rushden. – G.S.C. (B. Denton and Son).

BURT, Pte. Leonard, 17a, High-street, Higham Ferrers. – The Army. (C.W.S.).

HOLLOWAY, Philip George, 1, Glassbrook-road, Rushden. – Fleet Air Arm. (N.P. Bank, Raunds).

CLARKE, Clement George, 4, Carnegie-street, Rushden. – Warwickshire Regiment. (John White, Ltd.).

PERCIVAL, Steward William Sydney, 24, Newman-street, Higham Ferrers. – Royal Navy. (C.W.S.).


GENT, L/A.C.W. Betty, 26, St. Peter’s-avenue, Rushden. – W.A.A.F. (Strong and Fisher).

WOOD, Sergt. Harold Percy, 25, Glassbrook-road, Rushden. – Northamptonshire Regiment. (R.I.C.S.).

PACK, Chief Yeoman/Signals Walter, 19, Westfields, Higham Ferrers. – Royal Navy.

31st December 1943

BALLARD, O/S Victor Walter, “Sunnyside,” Newton-road, Rushden. – Royal Navy. (J. White, Ltd.).

KNIGHT, Alfred William, 26, Roberts-street, Rushden. – Army. (John White, Ltd.).

BENNING, A.M.2 Ronald Harry, 3, Pytchley-road, Rushden. – Fleet Air Arm. (John White, Ltd.).

ROBINSON, A.C.2 Frederick Leslie, 120, Highfield-road, Rushden. – R.A.F. (J. White, Ltd.)

BURDETT, Pte. Harold, 22, Upper Queen-street, Rushden. – G.S.C. (Bignells, Ltd.).

TOONE, Acting Gunner Frank Edward, Newton Bromshold. – Royal Navy. (J. White, Ltd.).

BURDETT, Ord./Sea. Keith Trevor, 22, Upper Queen-street, Rushden.  - Royal Navy. (Bignells, Ltd.).

TROTT, A.C.2 John Patrick Maurice, 30, Bedford-road, Rushden. – R.A.F. (H. Wills).

CHAPLIN, Pte. Charles, 33, Simpson-avenue, Higham Ferrers. – G.S.C. (Walker and Gunn).

TYE, A.C.2 Clarence Edward, 7, Highfield-road, Rushden. – R.A.F. (John White, Ltd.)

DAVIES, Enid Mary, 31, Westfield-avenue, Rushden. – N.A.A.F.I. (Eaton and Co.).

TYE, Margaret Betty, 149, Newton-road, Rushden. – Red Cross nurse. (John White, Ltd.).

DEIGHTON, A.C.2 Dennis William, 43, Robinson-road, Rushden. – R.A.F. (Covallen Co.).

UNDERWOOD, Cyril, 104, Portland-road, Rushden. – G.S.C. (Wm. Green and Son).

DICKENS, Denis William, 23, Glassbrook-road, Rushden. – Royal Navy. (Tecnic Boot Co.).

WALKER, Eric S.C., 9, Grove-street, Higham Ferrers. – Royal Navy. (Denbros Ltd.).

FOREMAN, A.C.2 Harry, 86, Wharf-road, Higham Ferrers. – R.A.F. (J. White, Ltd.).

WALLER, Cyril Edwin, 15, Carnegie-street, Rushden. – Royal Navy. (C.W.S. boot factory).

HARBOUR, Pte. Thomas Edward, 82, Bedford-road, Rushden. – G.S.C. (B. Denton and Son).


ALLEN, A.B. George D., 28a, Newton-road, Rushden. – Royal Navy. (Wm. Green and Son).

HARRIS, L/Cpl. Paul C., 19, Hall-avenue, Rushden. – Queens Royal Regiment. (R.I.C.S.).

CATLIN, Flying Officer Herbert W., 16, Oswald-road, Rushden. R.A.F. (student).

INGRAM, Cpl. Ernest Cecil, 13, South-terrace, Rushden. – Northamptonshire Regiment. (Walker and Gunn, Higham Ferrers.).

CRICK, L/Bdr. Douglas George, 12, Milton-street, Higham Ferrers. – R.A. (W. L. Hector).

PERKINS, Warrant Officer Jack, 22, Crabb-street, Rushden. – R.A.F. (F. Randall, outfitters).

EKINS, L.A.C. Dennis Edmund, 7, Manton-road, Rushden. – R.A.F. (Wellingborough Grammar School).

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