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The Rushden Echo & Argus 1942, transcribed by Jim & Gill Hollis.

Local Roll of Honour

Men and Women Who Have Enlisted in the Services
September - October 1942

(A longer list is printed in the newspaper. We have extracted the names which have not appeared before.)
4th September, 1942

CAVE, Muriel E., 13, York-road, Rushden. – Women’s Land Army. (Tecnic Boot Co.).

MACKNESS, Grace, 87, Trafford-road, Rushden. – Women’s Land Army. (H. W. Chapman, Ltd.).

DENTON, Driver Charles Arthur, 91, Irchester-road, Rushden. – R.A.S.C. (John White, Ltd.).

PATENALL, Charles Gordon, 43, Glassbrook-road, Rushden. – Royal Navy. (P.X. Ltd.).

LEGGETT, Marine Peter, 31, Trafford-road, Rushden. – Royal Marines (Bignells, Ltd.).

WILLIAMS, Driver Ieuan M., 52a, Station-road, Rushden. – R.A.S.C. (E. Woodley and Sons, Higham Ferrers).

LINNITT – A.C.2 Eric Raymond, 128, High-street, Rushden. – R.A.F. (Parker Construction Co., Ltd.).

WILLMOTT, Gladys, 71, Trafford-road, Rushden. – Women’s Land Army (H. W. Chapman, Ltd.).

LYNN, A. J., West-street, Stanwick. – I.T.C. (Victoria Leather Co., Higham Ferrers).

WRIGHTON, Pte. Jack, 98, Harborough-road, Rushden. – General Service Corps. (Cardigan Metal Works, Leicester).


BRITCHFORD, L.A.C. O. O., 14, Windmill Banks, Higham Ferrers. – R.A.F. (Walker and Gunn).

FELCE, Flight-Lieut. Peter G., 68, Wharf-road, Higham Ferrers. – R.A.F.V.R. (Tecnic Boot Co., Rushden).

DUNKLEY, Corpl. Bernard Sidney, 22, Midland-road, Rushden. – Royal Engineers.

SMITH, Sergt. Donald J., 17, Harborough-road, Rushden. – R.A.F. (Co-operative Permanent Building Society)


MEAD, Dennis Raymond, 29, Harborough-road, Rushden. – From General Service Corps to Royal Corps of Signals. (G.P.O., Wellingborough).


ROBINSON, Pte. Ronald L., 90, St. Neots-road, Sandy, Beds. – Discharged from R.A.O.C.

11th September, 1942

CHARLES, Harry, 15, Thrift-street, Higham Ferrers – General Service Corps. (Gee, Walker and Slater)

HOLLOMON, Ethel, 19, Spring-gardens, Higham Ferrers. – W.R.N.S. (C.W.S.).

DOWSETT, Edith Louisa, 57, Sartoris-road, Rushden. – Women’s Land Army. (C. W. Horrell, Ltd.)

KILSBY, Norah, 50, North End, Higham Ferrers. – W.A.A.F. (W. Chamberlain and Sons).

FREEMAN, O/Sea. Robert S.,(missing) street, Stanwick. – Royal Navy (Haigh and Sons).

STANTON, Pte. Robert, (missing)Souldrop, Beds. – G.S.C. (Gee, Walker and Slater).


HOLLOMON, Corpl. Hilda, Spring-gardens, Higham Ferrers. – W.A.A.F. (A. E. Wright and Co.).

PRATT, L.A.C. E. Douglas, 5, Westfield-place, Rushden. – R.A.F. (B. Denton and Son).

KILSBY, Flying Officer T., North End, Higham Ferrers. – R.A.F. (John White, Ltd.).

REYNOLDS, L.A.C. Ronald, Beaconsfield-place, Rushden. – R.A.F. (John White, Ltd.).

18th September, 1942

ATTLEY, A/C.2 Dennis Arthur, 14, Coronation-avenue, Rushden. – R.A.F. (P.X. Ltd.).

CLARKE, Philip Arthur, 29, Co-operative-row, Rushden. – R.A.F. (H. P. Hodge, Ltd.).

ATTLEY, Gnr. Joyce Mabel, 14, Coronation-avenue, Rushden. – A.T.S. (Bignells, Ltd.).

GARROD, Pte. Clifford H., 109 Wollaston-road, Irchester. – G.S.C. (“Echo and Argus.”)

BARKER, A.C.W.2 Violet Ellen, “Chadwell,” Hall-avenue, Rushden. – W.A.A.F. (R.I.C.S.).

GROOM, Edna Miriam, 11, Fitzwilliam-street, Rushden. – W.L.A. (C.W.S.).

BRITTEN, Pte. Richard Norman, 7, Westfield-place, Rushden. – I.T.C. (Jaques and Clark).

INGRAM, A/C/2 Horace, 123, Washbrook-road, Rushden. – R.A.F. (John Cave and Sons).


DICKERSON, Sgt. Benjamin Charles J., 97, Cromwell-road, Rushden. – Royal Engineers (John White, Ltd.).


Bates, Pte. John Albert, 63, Park-avenue, Rushden. – From G.S.C. to R.A.O.C.

2nd October, 1942

BAILEY, A.C.2 G., 110, Washbrook-road, Rushden. – R.A.F. (R. Coggins and Sons, Raunds)

MILLER, Lorna W. L., 144, Queen-street, Rushden. – A.T.S. (Sanders and Sanders)

CORBY, Pte. Joan Teresa, 19, Oswald-road, Rushden. – A.T.S. (Walter Knight)

PALMER, Robert William, 45, High-street, Higham Ferrers. – R.A.F.V.R. (Electric Supply Co.)

CORBY, Pte. Reginald Raymond, 93, Portland-road, Rushden. – General Service Corps. (John White, Ltd.)

SAFFORD, Pte. Jean, 4, Albion-place, Rushden. – A.T.S. (John White, Ltd.)

JOHNSON, O/S S.P., 39, King’s-avenue, Higham Ferrers. – Royal Navy (Coaststains, Ltd.)

SKELLHAM, Constance Hilda, 21, East Grove, Rushden. – A.T.S. (C. W. Horrell, Ltd.)

JOYCE, Kenneth, 1, Sartoris-road, Rushden. – Fleet Air Arm. (Parker Construction Co.)

SMART, Jean, 8, Washbrook-road, Rushden. – A.T.S. (C.W.S.)

MEPHAM, Dinah, 43, Park-avenue, Rushden. – W.A.A.F. (Fred Hawkes, Ltd.)

SPENCER, Pte. Dorothy, 9, Oswald-road, Rushden. – A.T.S. (A. Sargent and Sons)


GODFREY, Sergt. Gwendoline M., 27, Talbot-road, Rushden. – A.T.S. (C. W. Horrell, Ltd.).

SHORTLAND, L.A.C. R.K.B., 20, Windmill-road, Rushden. – R.A.F.

KENDALL, Corpl. Charles Henry, 52, Spencer-road, Rushden. – R.A.F. (C.W.S.).

TOOMBS, L.A.C. Thomas G., 20, Commercial-street, Higham Ferrers. – R.A.F. (Sanders and Sanders, Rushden).

MOLE, Corpl. Leonard, 39, Midland-road, Rushden. – Northamptonshire Regt. (Walter Sargent and Co.).

TYE, 2nd-Lieut. Phillip Howard, 83, Westfield-avenue, Rushden. – Northants Regt. (R. Marriott).


MEAD, Sgmn. Dennis Raymond, 29, Harborough-road, Rushden. – Transferred to Air Formation Signals.

TURNOCK, Gnr. Samuel James, 144, Higham-road, Rushden. – To Airborne Division. (Walker and Gunn).

9th October, 1942

ALLEN, Pte.Gerrard, 14, South-terrace, Rushden. – R.A.O.C.

HECTOR, A/C2 William, Duchy Cottage, Higham Ferrers. – R.A.F. (W. L. Hector, Ltd.).

BOYCE, Frederick James, The Avenue, Stanwick. – R.A.F. (Raunds Co-operative Society).

ROBINSON, Ruby Frances, 4, Queens-terrace, Rushden. – W.L.A. (Wm. Green and Son).

BRIDGMENT, Audrey Edith, 15, Spencer-road, Rushden. – N.A.A.F.I. (William Timpson, Ltd.).

SARGEANT, Pte.Gwendoline, 4, Orchard-place, Rushden. – A.T.S. (C.W.S.).

DEIGHTON, Mary Nessa, 43, Robinson-road, Rushden. – W.L.A. (Seddons and Arlidge).

SHERWOOD, Pte. James William, 291, Wellingborough-road, Rushden. – I.T.C. (University student).

DENTON, A/C2 Walter F., 3 Denmark-road, Rushden. – R.A.F.V.R. (John White, Ltd.).

TAYLOR, Doreen, 15, Park-road, Rushden. – V.A.D. (J. S. Taylor, Ltd.).

JONES, A/C2 F. Neville, “Northdene,” Kimbolton-road, Higham Ferrers. – R.A.F.V.R. (L.M.S. Railway).

TEW, Ernest, 25, Pytchley-road, Rushden. – General Service Corps. (B. Denton and Son).


WILLS, L.A.C. Harry, Alfred-street, Rushden. – R.A.F.V.R. (H. Wills).

WILLS, Corpl. Leslie, Hall-avenue, Rushden. – R.A.F.V.R. (H. Wills).


WHITTINGTON, Ted, Church-lane, Wymington. – From R.A.O.C. to R.E.M.E.

16th October, 1942

BARKER, A/C.2 Gerald Douglas, “The Knoll,” Wharf-road, Higham Ferrers. – R.A.F. (J. W. Barker).

NORMAN, Edith M., 51, Oval-road, Rushden. – W.L.A. (G. Selwood and Co.).

BRITCHFORD, O/S Albert Walter, 14, Windmill Banks, Higham Ferrers. – Royal Navy. (R. Marriott).

WHEELER, A/C.2 Geoffrey Frederick, “Stonehurst,” High-street, Rushden. – R.A.F. (Standard Works).

COX, Harold Sid, 13, Coronation-avenue, Rushden. – R.A.F. (Gas Company).

WHEELER, A/C.2 Reginald Arthur, “Stonehurst,” High-street, Rushden. – R.A.F. (G. Morgan).

FOSTER, Jean Ellen, 77, Portland-road, Rushden. – A.T.S. (C.W.S.).

WILSON, Pte. Eric James, 127, Irchester-road, Rushden. – G.S.C. (Putnam and Sons).

HUSTWAIT, Victor William, 59, Robinson-road, Rushden. – General Service Corps. (Own business).

WRIGHT, Jean Dorothy, 44, Newton-road, Rushden. – V.A.D. (The Children’s Shop).

NEVILLE, Bernard, 13, Pytchley-road, Rushden. – R.A.O.C. (P.X. Ltd.).


BRITCHFORD, A/B John Leonard, 14, Windmill Banks, Higham Ferrers. – Royal Navy. (Taylor Woodrow).

WOODCROFT, Lce.-cpl. M. J., 30, Albion-place, Rushden. – A.T.S. (Bignells Ltd.).

PRATT, Sergt. Air-Gunner E. Douglas, 5, Westfield-place, Rushden. – R.A.F.V.R. (B. Denton and Son).


HALES, Pte. Dennis, 52, Moor-road, Rushden. – From Northamptonshire Regt. To Royal Warwickshire Regt. (J. White, Ltd.).

23rd October, 1942

CUMBERPATCH, Pte. Jack, 213, Wellingborough-road, Rushden. – General Service Corps. (Allebone and Sons).

PARKER, Pte. Elsie Kate, 159, Irchester-road, Rushden. – A.T.S. (W. Sargent and Co.).

EADES, Eveline, 33, Westfield-avenue, Rushden. – Women’s Land Army. (Strong and Fisher).

TILLEY, Peter Frederick, 6, Carnegie-street, Rushden. – G.S.C. (P.X. Ltd.).

FORD, Eileen R., 76, Rushden-road, Wymington. – Civil Nursing Reserve. (John White, Ltd.).

TURNER, Vera Blanche, 66, Irchester-road, Rushden. – A.T.S. (Eaton and Co.

GROOM, Joyce Mary, 4, Bedford-road Cottages, Rushden. – W. L. A. (Tecnic Boot Co.).

TURNER, Donald S., 66, Irchester-road, Rushden. – R.A.F.V.R. (John White, Ltd.).

MAWSON, O/S William, 15, Windmill Banks, Higham Ferrers. – Royal Navy. (Walker and Gunn).

WHITNEY, Lawrence, 19, Tennyson-road, Rushden. – Royal Navy. (Gee, Walker and Slater).

NICHOLSON, Lily, 1, Spencer-road, Irthlingborough. – W.L.A. (Currys, Ltd., Rushden).


AXTEN, L.A.C. Robert Valentine, “Valten House,” Birchall-road, Rushden. – R.A.F.V.R. (J. and C. Claridge).

GINNS, Captain Harry Norwood, 75, Wellingborough-road, Rushden. – Royal Engineers.

CHURCH, L.A.C. Charles Edward, 40, Crabb-street, Rushden. – R.A.F. (S. L. Hunt).

HADLEY, Lce.-cpl. William J. E., 54, Rushden-road, Wymington. – Northants Regiment (R.I.C.S.).

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