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The Rushden Echo, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Enlistments WWI - 1914/15
Notes from the Newspapers

Rushden Argus, 7th August, 1914, transcribed by John Collins

Col Ripley - The Command of the Northants Territorials

At the meeting of the Kettering Board of Guardians, held on Monday, the Clerk recalled that at the last meeting of the Rural District Council he read a letter from Colonel Ripley stating that he had been reappointed to the command of the 4th Battalion Northants Territorials, and that consequent absence from home would involve his resignation from both the Board of Guardians and the Rural District Council. Since then, however, the Clerk went on to say that as he would not be having the opportunity, for the time being at any rate, of serving his country in a military capacity, he would do his best by continuing to discharge his duties in connection with local bodies.

This announcement was obviously very pleasing to the whole Board.

Rushden Argus, 7th August, 1914, transcribed by John Collins

Rushden Terriers - Volunteer for “Active Service Anywhere”

Of the Rushden and district Territorials 27 have volunteered for active service anywhere. These all wear a silver badge, “Imperial service”. The Rushden, Irthlingborough, and Higham Ferrers Territorials assembled at Higham on Wednesday afternoon, when they were inspected by Capt Wright of Kettering, and Sergt-Instructor Bullard, of Rushden. The men have orders to assemble at Rushden Railway Bridge at 9am on Thursday morning, when they will proceed to Kettering. There are rumours that a military camp is to be formed at Higham Ferrers.

Rushden Argus, 7th August, 1914, transcribed by John Collins

Rushden Terriers Off

On Thursday morning a huge crowd of residents assembled in the streets to bid farewell to the local Territorials who are starting for service.

The men fell in at Rushden Railway Bridge and, preceded by the Rifle Band, marched to Higham, where they were joined by the Higham Ferrers contingent. They proceeded to the station and entrained for Northampton. They were given a very enthusiastic send-off.

Rushden Argus, 7th August, 1914, transcribed by John Collins

Sick Berth Men - €”The following Royal Naval Sick Berth Reserve men left Rushden on Monday for Haslar Hospital, Portsmouth: Privates E Whiteman, E Kilpatrick, and H Paragreen. This (Thursday) morning the following left for Chatham Hospital: First-Class Sergt. J C Wright and Privates T J Swindall, H Timson, J O'€Connor, and J Faulkner.

Rushden Argus, 21st August, 1914, transcribed by John Collins

Ambulance Service - Rushden and Irthlingborough Men Depart

The honour of being the first member of the St John Ambulance Brigade in Irthlingborough to be called for service for the Royal Navy (Sick Berth) fell to Private William Eatly, son of Supt C E Eatly, of Manton-street, who made his departure for Chatham from Irchester Station on Sunday morning. Many friends accompanied him, or awaited on the station, to see him off. He was joined at the station by three more ambulance men from Rushden. Hearty cheers from a large assembly were given as the train steamed out of the station.

The Rushden men were First-class Sergt Prigmore, and Privates H May and G Thompson. This makes 14 Rushden men on service.

Rushden Argus, 21st August, 1914, transcribed by John Collins

Departure - €”Dr Dudley Greenfield left Rushden for Woolwich for service in the Royal Army Medical Corps at the 10th General Hospital on Saturday morning by the 9.44 train. A number of his choir boys, with the Rev P J Richards, assembled at the station to bid him farewell. Three hearty cheers were given as the train left the station.

Rushden Argus, 11th September, 1914

Loyal Rushdenites

Group of recruits at the Rushden railway station, waiting for the train to proceed to Northampton.

Photo by C F Chapman

Rushden Argus, 2nd October, 1914, transcribed by John Collins

Enlisted - Mr Rennie Parkin, son of the late Rev. M E Parkin, has volunteered for foreign service in Kitchener'€s Army, and has been enlisted.

Rushden Argus, 16th October, 1914, transcribed by John Collins

Rushden doctor at the Front

Dr Dudley Greenfield, of Rushden, who was one of the first in the town to volunteer for active service, is now serving as a lieutenant of the R.A.M.C. with the Expeditionary Force in France. The doctor saw active service in the South African campaign.

RushdenEcho, 20th November, 1914

Motor Driving - Some Rushden Recruits

Mr Ted Lockie, Mr Charles Ette, Mr Ernest Catlin, and Mr P Scott (Rushden) have joined the forces. Each has to qualify in motor driving in order to be able to use a motor cycle and side car bearing a Maxim gun. The pay is at the rate of £3 a week. Note: Charles Ette junior served in WWI in the Royal Flying Corps.

Rushden Echo Friday 7th February 1915, transcribed by Susan Manton

Rushden Recruits - The Co-op Employees
Rushden recruits this week include three employees of the Rushden Co-operative Society, Ltd., viz. Messrs. Thacker (bakery), Reginald Hodgkin (butchery department) and Eric Bellamy (grocery stores.)

Rushden Argus, 19th February 1915, transcribed by Kay Collins

Pastoral Work - €”A meeting of the executive of the Independent Wesleyan Church was held on Monday night. It was decided that a church meeting be recommended to allow the pastor (Rev C J Keeler) leave of absence so that he might take up work under the Young men'€™s Christian Association among the troops.

Rushden Echo, 30th April 1915

Rushden Men in Training for The Front
And the "Rushden Echo" Always in Front

The enlisted men

L. Helsdown, Kempston, C Childs, S Perkins, Lce.Cor. Bradshaw
C Cook -  B Letts - T Woodcraft - Lce.Cor. Salter

Rushden men in B Company, 4th Northamptons, who will shortly be leaving for the Front. They are, like all other Rushden people, pleased with their
copy of the '€œRushden Echo.'

3/4th Recruits 1915
Photo taken by C F Chapman, copied by kind permission of C Truett
This photograph appeared in the Kettering Leader on December 10th 1915, with a full caption: recruits secured by Lieut. L. Perkins from the Rushden district during November. They are now busily training in Rushden, and will in due course, be sent to join the Battalion, which is now at Tring.
Reading from right to left (sic): Top row: Privates Jacques, Parker, Denton, Walker, Ager, Ireson, Stocker, Cowley, Bailey, Munns, Sawford, Harries. 2nd row: Corpl. Payne, Ptes. Payne, Barlow, Bugby, Pope, Tite, Hooton, Palmer, Gumbrell, Gatherwood, Deadman, Lance-Corpl. George. Front row: Ptes. Knight, Lamb, Gomm, Rabbit, Lieut. Perkins, Ptes. Tebbutt, Sharp, Stringer, and Page.
Lieut Perkins has obtained three others during the month but they have gone away on temporary home service. Their names are Ptes. Ayres, Brown, and Bates.

Rushden Echo Friday 2nd April 1915, transcribed by Susan Manton

Rushden Lad's Trousers - Patriotism Unique
In order to try and gain admission to the forces, a Rushden lad, several years under the required age for Kitchener's Army, borrowed a pair of long trousers to replace his short ones. He passed the local recruiting officer and proceeded to Northampton. But his friends, apprised of the youngster's intentions and initial success, telephoned to the authorities at headquarters before he arrived. The officers asked him to produce his birth certificate, which, of course, he was unable to do. We understand that the would-be recruit has some kind of physical trouble, so that the attempt to enlist shows commendable patriotism.

The Rushden Echo, 9th April, 1915, transcribed by Gill Hollis

Rushden Schoomaster Enlists
Councillor L. Perkins Joins The Colours
And Hopes to get into Germany

Mr L Perkins Yet another of Rushden'€™s headmasters is giving his services to his King and Country in the person of Councillor L. Perkins, B.Sc., who for eleven years has been headmaster of Newton-road Council Schools. Immediately prior to coming to Rushden Mr. Perkins was for seven years at Leeds Higher Grade School.

During his preceptorship at Rushden, the Evening Continuation Schools have developed enormously and he has attained a large measure of popularity amongst the students. Mr. Perkins commenced these classes in 1904 with about 100 students, until in 1913-14 he had about 600 on the registers. Since the formation of the Rushden Branch of the Workers’ Education Association he has been treasurer of that body and has otherwise taken an active interest in the work of that association. He was elected to the Rushden Urban District Council, as a nominee of the Rushden Liberal Association, in 1913, in which connection he has put in some useful work on the following committees:- Sanitary, Cemetery, Recreation, and Library.

In 1910 he was elected president of the local association of the National Union of Teachers and in 1912 he was appointed president of the County Association. For the past four or five years he has been president of the Rushden Central Social Club and for many years past has taken considerable interest in the Rushden Troop of Boy Scouts, having been recently appointed treasurer of that organisation. He has been in much demand locally as a lecturer on educational and scientific subjects.

Before leaving Yorkshire, Mr. Perkins was an enthusiastic footballer playing for Headingley Rugby Football Club. As a young man he served for five years in the Leeds Artillery, and has now joined the Artists'€™ Rifles, having enlisted for foreign service. He graduated in London University as B.Sc. in 1903. Mr. Perkins left Rushden on Wednesday morning for London to commence his training.

The Artists'€™ Rifles is the corps which, according to one of Sir John French'€™s dispatches, finish their training in France. It is this corps that the Commander-in-Chief is using as a recruiting ground for his officers. During his scholastic career Mr. Perkins has travelled extensively and just prior to the outbreak of war he had proceeded on an educational tour to Canada, being in that country when war was declared. He has also visited Holland, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, and the United States. He has never yet been to Germany -€“ but hopes to get there shortly!

Arthur C Turner - 7th May 1915
Rushden Echo, 7th May 1915, transcribed by Kay Collins

Royal Flying Corps - Rushden Gentleman Accepted -€” For Difficult Work

Mr Eric A Cave, son of Mr Arthur Cave, of Rushden, has been successful in passing for the Royal Flying Corps. Mr Cave is a journalist by profession, and at present holds a responsible position, at Bradford on the editorial staff of the 'Yorkshire Observer.'€ Prior to leaving the county he was on the staff of the '€œNorthampton Echo'€ and subsequently on that of the '€œNorthampton Independent.' He went to Whitehall last Thursday week, and was subjected to his tests on the following day.

Candidates for the Royal Flying Corps have to be very expert in blending colours at a distance. There are at the present moment, we understand, 650 applicants, and of these, we are informed, more than half can be of no service to the corps, not coming up to the required standard. Candidates are divided into six classes as follows:- Improbably, Probable, fair, very fair, good, and very good. Mr Cave has, we understand, passed as '€œGood.'€ He made his first application for admission four or five months ago, and received his papers since. He received two years education in Germany, and for a further two years resided in Naples. In consequence he is an expert German and Italian linguist and has also a good mastery of the French language, so he should prove of immense service to his country. We wish him success in his military career.

Rushden Echo, 14th May 1915, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rushden Teachers Join the Colours

Two more Rushden day school teachers, making seven in all, have joined the Forces, namely, Mr E T Huke, of the Alfred-street school, and Mr J Allen, of the North-end school. They have joined the 8th Northamptonshires. Both passed the doctor on Tuesday last, and leave shortly, probably for the South West of England, for training with Kitchener’s Army. The other teachers with the Colours are Messrs. L Perkins, S T Fox, Smythem, Dodge, and Perkins, junior.

Rushden Echo, 21st May 1915, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rushden Recruit for the Royal Army Medical Corps

Mr Arthur Stanley Knight (son of Mr J F Knight, of the White House, Rushden) has joined the R.A.M.C. as a private. Having gone through a course of ambulance training, Mr Knight is proceeding to a hospital in Birmingham for further training and will then be at the disposal of the Army authorities.

The Rushden Echo, 17th September 1915, transcribed by Gill Hollis

Rushden Recruits - Further Enlistments

Mr. Albert Dicks, 13 Orchard-place, Rushden, and Mr. Harold Brockliss, 39 Spencer-road, Rushden, have enlisted this week. Mr. Dicks, who was formerly hairdresser at Mr. Arthur Smith's, High-street, Rushden, has joined the R.A.M.C, and Mr. Brockliss, who was employed by Mr. Walpole Smith, confectioner, High-street, Rushden, has joined the A.S.C. Mr. Leonard Scholes, son of Mr. A. L. Scholes, of Newton-road, Rushden, has joined the R.A.M.C. Mr. Harry Denton, son of Mr. George Denton, of Eastfields, Rushden, and brother of the county cricketers, has enlisted.

The Rushden Echo, 15th October, 1915, transcribed by Gill Hollis

Rushden Recruits

For the 8th Northamptonshires are the following:-

Cox, J.

Boyce, E.

Rideout, T.

Mole, R. T.

Vines, B.

Bates, J.

Clayton, W. H.

Causby, F.

Cuthbert, A.

Barlow, A.

Harding, F.

Green, G. H.

Smith, F. L.

Wooding, W.

Rockingham, E.

Brudenall, T.

White, F.

Rowney, J. H.

Banks, A. T.

Allen, G. V.

Matthews, W. J.

Allen, H. H.

Fleckner, J.

Tew, H.

Allen, P.

Sturman, E.

Maddams, E.

Garley, A.

Sargent, A. E.

Okey, W.

Bryant, A.

Partridge, G. F.

Attley, P.

Bird, F.

Robinson, S.

Saunders, J. T.

Robinson, G.

Driver, E.

Horner, F. A.

Bailey, R.

Neal, C. A.

Joyce, H.

Rawlings, J. T.

Atkins, A. E.

Upton, W. J.

In addition 14 men who offered have been found unfit.

22nd October, 1915

Recruiting at Rushden - A Good Response - Capt. Stocken Busy
Public Send-Off to the Recruits - The Rector on The County Regiment

Capt. Stocken, who is in charge of the recruiting campaign in Rushden for the 8th Northamptons, is working very energetically, and he is fortunate in having the assistance of Sergt. S. T. Fox (headmaster of the National Schools, Rushden), who, of course, knows the town so well. Captain Stocken gave addresses at the Royal Theatre and at the Picture Palace on Saturday night, and his remarks met with an enthusiastic reception.


The following Rushden men have enlisted as privates in the Royal Garrison Artillery, and left Rushden on Monday morning for training at Great Yarmouth; Messrs. Harry Jaques, boot manufacturer; William McK. Horrell, son of Mr. Charles W. Horrell, boot manufacturer; Hugh Ladds, son of Mr. Benjamin Ladds, boot manufacturer; Fred Stanley Clayton, formerly of the '€œRushden Echo'€ staff, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clayton, Queen-street; and Don Chamberlain, son of Mr. Chamberlain, leather traveller, Irchester-road.

Mr. Arthur Dorks, Washbrook-road, Rushden, enlisted in the R.G.A. on Wednesday.

Other Enlistments

Mr. Cyril Skeeles, son of Mr. F. Skeeles, boot manufacturer, has enlisted in the Honourable Artillery Company.

Mr. Eric Tomkins, of Rushden, the Northampton Town footballer, has joined the Royal Flying Corps.

Mr. E. T. Huke, teacher at the Alfred-street Schools, Rushden, who asked permission from the County Education Committee to enlist, has now been relieved for that purpose and has joined the Forces.

Church Parade

The local recruits for the 8th Northamptons, numbering about 50, met on Sunday morning at the recruiting office, 100, High-street, Rushden, and paraded the town, headed by the Rushden Rifle Band, with Colour-Sergt. F. Draper as drum-major. Under the command of Captain Stocken, the recruits marched to St. Peter'€™s Church for the service, which was conducted by the Rev. P. J. Richards (vicar). At the conclusion the men marched back through the town to the recruiting office, where the National Anthem was played.

Farewell Parade

A company of 52 recruits in the 8th Northamptons left Rushden M.R. station on Tuesday morning and were given a hearty send-off. They met on the Green at 11 a.m. under the command of Captain Stocken, and, headed by the Rushden Rifle Band playing '€œTipperary,' marched to the station, where a large company assembled, including the Rev. C. J. Keeler, who has been working among the soldiers, and Mr. G. Bacon, Rushden’s veteran soldier, wearing his medals.

Addressing the recruits, Ald. G. Miller, J.P., congratulated them on their exceedingly smart soldierly appearance after so short a period of training, and, although he gave much of the credit to their excellent Captain, he reserved a considerable amount of credit for the men. It showed the keenness and the enthusiasm with which they had answered the call to duty. It was a splendid patriotic example, locally and nationally, and he was glad they had enlisted in their own County Regiment. They had no reason to be ashamed to belong to the Northamptons, who had a glorious record. All who read the history of the Northants Regiment must have their hearts thrilled with pride. In every war the Northants Regiment had been in the thick of the fight, and always came out gloriously. This nation was in the war, and we were not going to stand down. We were fighting for liberty, freedom, and justice. We were not fighting for aggrandisement or territory, but for the greatest cause -€“ the cause of liberty.

The Rector of Rushden (Rev. Percy Robson) congratulated the recruits on behalf of the town of Rushden on coming forward for their country, and proceeded: Your response to the call has cost you something. It has meant giving up a good job in Rushden; it has meant leaving home and friends, please God for a short time only; it has meant parting from home. You have counted the cost, and you will have your reward in knowing that you have done your bit for your country in the hour of its need. You will also have the reward of knowing that you have won the lasting gratitude of the town of Rushden. I hope many others will respond to the call. I have now to say 'Goodbye'€ to you. That means 'God be with you. God bless you. God keep you.'€ In your period of training I am sure you will play the game, and it will be known in the regiment that the lads from Rushden are not afraid of facing discipline. I am sure Captain Stocken will be proud of the men he has brought from Rushden. The Northants Regiment is one of the most famous in the country. It is an honour to you to join such a regiment, and I believe you will add lustre to that honour by doing your duty. You are called Steelbacks. Steelbacks do not easily bend before pressure. Steelbacks find it much easier to advance than to retreat, but, whether advancing or retreating, Steelbacks remain steady. You are Steelbacks, and, we know, true to the name you bear. You will remain those who are not broken by opposition, you will remain steady under the fiercest fire and in the most difficult positions. Please God, we shall see you home again. We shall watch your doings, and those of us who believe in prayer -€“ and many of us do -€“ will pray for you. We wish you '€œGood luck in the name of the Lord.'€

Captain Stocken thanked Mr. Miller and the Rector for their speeches and the band for attending. He also thanked the bandsmen’s employers for allowing them to be away from the factories and for paying them for the time. He would say this of the Northants Regiment - We have never given up a trench we have been in charge of during this war, and we shall not do so.

Cheers were given for the King, the Regiment, and the Captain, and the crowd gave hearty cheers for the men.

The Rushden Athletic Club, per Messrs. B. W. Knibbs, J. Adams, E. Austin, and C. Bates, gave cigarettes to the men. Before the train moved away the band played 'Auld langsyne'€ and the National Anthem.

Further Recruits

to the 8th Battalion Northants Regt:-

Bland, W. 

Wright, I.

Waller, G.

Winsor, G.

Elliott, J.

Foster, C. A.

Stokes, G. H.

Reynolds, C. G.

Coles, T. H.

Hancock, I.

Church, G. E.

White, F.

Woodhams, B.

Denton, F.

Tebbutt, I.

Warner, F. W.

Clipstone, G.

Mackness, A. H.

Bryant, F.

Mitchell, J.

Wiggin, C. H.

Copperwheat, H. R.

Seamark, J.

29th October, 1915

Local Recruits

The following local young men have enlisted in the 8th Northants Regiment during the past week:-

Dickens, Albert, Harborough-road, Rushden

Roberts, Charles, Newton-road, Rushden

Banks, Sidney, Moor-road, Rushden

Parker, T. H., Montague-street, Rushden

Parker, R., Pratt-road, Rushden

Hobbs, J., Fletcher-road, Rushden

Davis, C. H., Westbourne-grove, Rushden

Cook, H., Brookfield-road, Rushden

5th November, 1915

Recruiting in Rushden
Offices at Higham Ferrers & Irthlingborough - To be Opened Shortly

The following is a list of the men who have enlisted in the 8th Northants since our last issue:-

Abbott, F. W., Higham-road, Rushden

Denton, A., Cromwell-road, Rushden

Groom, W., Newton-road, Rushden

19th November, 1915

Recruiting in Rushden - The Steelbacks - Another Batch of Enlistments
[see photo at top of this page - we have no names - but no doubt some of these men will be included]

Second-Lieut L. Perkins, 3/4th Northants (Territorials) has secured the following recruits for his battalion during the past fortnight:-

Ayres, V., 7, Oswald-road, Rushden

Stocker, A., 6, Oswald-road, Rushden

Hooton, F., 10, Ebenezer-terrace, Rushden

Harris, F., 6, Fitzwilliam-street, Rushden

Palmer, F., 42, Spencer-road, Rushden

Tebbutt, H., 90, Newton-road, Rushden

Brown, H., 15, Fletcher-road, Rushden

Gathergood, A. H., 19, Pemberton-street, Rushden

Cowley, Arthur, 94, Cromwell-road, Rushden

Munns, C. W., 11, Rectory-road, Rushden

Gumbrell, Jas. W., Rushden

Barlow, Arthur, Rushden

Parker, H. T., 21, Montague-street, Rushden

Bates, H. H., 8, Denmark-road, Rushden

Bailey, A. E. Portland-road, Rushden

Pope, B. 56, Washbrook-road, Rushden

The Drill Hall is the headquarters of the Territorials, and the above recruits meet there for drill.

The 8th Northamptons

The following recruits for the 8th Northants have enlisted since our last issue:-

Walker, G. H., Wellingborough-road, Rushden

Ward, F. C., Co-operative-row, Rushden

Lewis, G. J., High-street, Rushden

Mead, F., Victoria-road, Rushden

Harris, A., High-street South, Rushden

Hall, W., East Grove, Rushden

Scrimshaw, W. A., Midland-road, Rushden

Lewis, W., High-street, Rushden

Gale, F., Duck-street, Rushden

The Windmill Club, Rushden, have the honour of being the first club in the town to send enough men to form a section.

Rushden Echo, 19th November 1915, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rushden Teacher – Joins The Bedfords

Mr. J. W. Reynolds, of Wymington, who for some years past has been an assistant master at Newton-road Schools, Rushden, having received the permission of the Northants Education Committee to enlist, has joined the 3/5th Beds Regiment, under Major R. R. B. Orlebar.

Until quite recently Mr. Reynolds was secretary of the Rushden Company V.T.C. He is an all round sportsman, and was known throughout the county as a cricketer.

26th November, 1915

Recruiting in Rushden

The following are the latest recruits for the 8th Northamptons:-

Panter, J. A., Rushden

Wingfield, A., Rushden

Bradshaw, Wm., Rushden

Robinson, F., Rushden

Out of the last 20 recruits eight were from Rushden and 12 from outside. The 150 recruits comprise 79 from Rushden and 71 from the district.

A cheque for £10/17/1½ has been handed to the Higham V.A.D. Hospital as the result of the football match three weeks ago. This week a cheque for £9/3/3 has been sent to Mr. Holloway, of Northampton, treasurer for the Northants Prisoners of War Relief Fund, as the result of last Saturday's football match.

Rushden Echo, 19th November 1915, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rushden Man Misses his '€œRushden Echo'€
Former Special Constable in France

Gunner A. Downing (Rushden), of the R.F.A., in a letter to his wife says that the chaps are short of news where he is in France, and that a '€œRushden Echo'€ would be welcome. Gunner Downing, who prior to joining the colours was a member of the Rushden and district special constabulary, enlisted only eight weeks ago and is now in France. He had been an employee of Messrs. Nurrish and Pallett for 17 years.

Rushden Echo, 17th September 1915, transcribed by Gill Hollis

Rushden Recruits
Further Enlistments

Mr. Albert Dicks, 13 Orchard-place, Rushden, and Mr. Harold Brockliss, 39 Spencer-road, Rushden, have enlisted this week. Mr. Dicks, who was formerly hairdresser at Mr. Arthur Smith’s, High-street, Rushden, has joined the R.A.M.C, and Mr. Brockliss, who was employed by Mr. Walpole Smith, confectioner, High-street, Rushden, has joined the A.S.C. Mr. Leonard Scholes, son of Mr. A. L. Scholes, of Newton-road, Rushden, has joined the R.A.M.C. Mr. Harry Denton, son of Mr. George Denton, of Eastfields, Rushden, and brother of the county cricketers, has enlisted.

Rushden Echo, 17th September 1915, transcribed by Gill Hollis

Promotions - For Rushden Ambulance Men

Rushden Ambulance men have received promotions as follows: Private H. Boyce R.A.M.C, promoted corporal; 1st Class Sergt J. C. Wright promoted, 1st Class Petty Officer Royal Navel Sick Berth Reserve.

The following Rushden Ambulance men left on Monday for Devonport Naval Hospital; Messrs. H. Skeeles, H. S. Hall, G. Bates, C. F. Fairey and J. Gross. They are Royal Naval Sick Berth Reserve men.

Rushden Echo Friday 12th Nov 1915, transcribed by Susan Manton

Recruiting in Rushden - Another batch of enlistments

Lieu. E. Franklin Smith has been sent to Rushden from the headquarters of the Battalion Northants to assist Capt. Stocken at the new recruiting depots opened at Irthlingborough, Higham Ferrers etc.

The draft of 50 recruits which, as reported in this issue, left Rushden on Monday for headquarters were met at Colchester by the band and about 150 men. These included the previous draft from Rushden, with full equipment and arms and they looked very smart. The C.O. Brevet Col. E.R. Hartigan, congratulated Capt. Stocken on the very fine physique of the men he had brought with him that day, and said that he trusted that within the next week or so he would bring a further draft equally as good. The men of the new draft were splendidly received, and settled down in their new quarters at once, perfectly contented at meeting so many of their own pals again.

Further recruits for the Northants:-

Groom, W., Newton Road Rushden. Makeham F., Rushden.
Smart, A.G., Raunds. Betts H., Harborough Road, Rushden.
Bailey A.E., Higham Ferrers. Ingram J., Irthlingborough.
Richardson, J., Irchester. Eales L.J., Irthlingborough.
Tyers H. ,Irchester. Key M.J., Westbourne Grove, Rushden.
Waite J.L., Rushden. Green S.C., Wellingborough Road, Rushden.
Richards A., Raunds. Hales J.G. Westbourne Grove Rushden.
Cave, A., Rushden. Underwood P., Wellingboro' Road, Rushden.
Wills J., Irthlingborough. Wiggins H.W., Pytchley Road Rushden.
Richardson C.H., Pemberton St, Rushden. Hill F. Grove Road, Rushden.
Wright E.H., Rushden. Fowler W.T., Irchester
March W.H., Rushden. Annies W.J., Raunds.

Rushden Echo Friday 19th November 1915, transcribed by Susan Manton

The following recruits for the 9th Northants have enlisted since our last issue.

Fowler W.T., Irchester. Linnell, T. Great Addington.
Annies W.J. Raunds Scrimshaw W.A. Midland Road, Rushden.
Walker G.H. Wellingboro' Road Rushden. Lewis W. High Street Rushden.
Austin, David, Irthlingborough. Gale F. Duck Street, Rushden.
Furness R. Irchester. Charles J.H.B. Higham Ferrers
Ward F.C. Co-operative Row, Rushden. Drage L. Finedon.
Lewis G.J. High Street, Rushden. Mayes J.J. Higham Ferrers.
Mead F. Victoria Road, Rushden. Boddington J. Wollaston.
Harris, A. High Street South, Rushden. Horne C.C.W. Irthlingborough.
Hall, W. East Grove Rushden. Meeks F.C. Irthlingborough.

The Windmill Club, Rushden, have the honour of being the first club in the town to send enough men to form a section. We understand great efforts are being made to form a Pal'€™s Section in Irthlingborough for the 8th Northants.

It will be noticed from the above list of 20 recruits for the 8th Northants eleven are from outlying districts.

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