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Royal Flying Corps Enlistments WWI
Notes from the Newspapers

Rushden Echo, 27th August 1915, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rushden Journalist – In New Corps
A former member of the reporting staff of the “Rushden Echo” – Mr Horace Waring – has enlisted as a wireless operator to be attached to the Royal Flying Corps. The Wireless Operators’ section is of comparatively recent formation and was obviously instituted to increase the value and efficiency of the R.F.C. Of the limited number of vacancies offered by the War Office, we understand that all are filled. The successful applicants will have a short spell of military training and will then proceed to the G.P.O., or one of the schools that the War Office have commandeered, in order to receive instruction in wireless telegraphy.

Rushden Echo, 14 April 1916, transcribed by Kay Collins

Promotion – For Rushden Footballer
Mr E F Tomkins, of Rushden, the Northampton Town F.C.’s former half-back, who joined the Royal Flying Corps last summer, has just received promotion, having been appointed First Air Mechanic.

First A/M E F Tomkins is captain of his regimental football team, and by permission of his commanding officer is also playing for Southampton. According to the sporting papers, the “Saints” find the Northampton man an acquisition, as he retains his old form and is a great favourite with the crowd. First A/M Tomkins is a motor cyclist despatch rider of the R.A.S.M.T.

Rushden Echo, 15th February 1918, transcribed by Kay Collins

AppointmentSec. A.M. Horace Waring, R.F.C., photographer, of Rushden, who was recently placed in charge of the photographic section at a squadron in - -, has now been appointed to a responsible post at the Wing Headquarters (over several squadrons).

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