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Girls at the CWS factory
Service during WWI

 CWS Girls in 1914-15
Girls employed in 1914-15
CWS workers in 1914-15

When the men went off to war, the shoe factories were being required to
make more and more army boots under contract for the government.
To cover this work many women were employed in the place of the men.

 CWS 'Rough Stuff' staff in 1917
Girls at CWS factory 1917
Ernest Bandey took this - of girls at the CWS factory in 1917, working in the
'Rough Stuff' department, as replacements for the men gone to war.

Extract from a Military Tribunal in May 1918

Wm. Durham, 39, married, secretary and cashier to the C.W.S. was given six months exemption. As a Special Constable the V.T.C. condition was not imposed.

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