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Private Edward Harry Percival 'Ted' Bozet

20053 7th Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment

Edward and daughter Irene c1915Son of Mr Harry & Mrs Bertha Bozet
Husband of Dorothy E

Aged 22 years

Died 18th August 1916

Commemorated on Thiepval Memorial
Pier & Face 11A & 11D.

Born at Rushden, enlisted at Northampton. Edward married Dorothy Edgcumb when he was sixteen, in 1912. The following year his daughter Irene was born and in 1915 he had a son Albert.
The Rushden Echo Friday 1 September 1916, transcribed by Nicky Bates

Rushden Soldier Victim - Pte Edward Bozet Killed - During Gallant British Attack - A Former Irchester Employee

We regret to report that Mrs Edward Bozet, of 147, Winstanley-road, Wellingborough, has received news that her husband, Pte Edward Bozet, of the Northants Regt, was killed in action on August 18th. The deceased soldier who was 22 years of age, was a native of Rushden and the only son of Mr and Mrs Harry Bozet, of 42 Glassbrook-road, Rushden.

The regrettable news is sent by Company Quartermaster Sergt Wix, who writes to Mrs Bozet under date Aug. 24th as follows:-

"I very much regret to have to inform you that your husband was killed in action while the regiment made a gallant attack on the German trenches on August 18th, and took part of their front line and still hold it.

"I thought you would rather know he news early than be kept in suspense. May it be some consolation to you to know that he died fighting for his country, and the general highly commended the regiment for the splendid way we took the trench. It is said by others that the Northamptons went over the trenches just as if they were on parade. I may tell you the attack was made in the afternoon about 4 o'clock, of course in the light of day."

The deceased soldier enlisted on Sept. 3rd, 1914, and had served altogether about twelve months on the Western front. Up to time of his death he had not been wounded, although he had twice been invalided home, once, with double pneumonia from which he made a speedy recovery. He was, prior to his enlistment, employed by Messrs. Parsons and Son, Irchester. As boy he was a member of the choir of St Peter's church, Rushden, passing through that Sunday School. He leaves his parents, a widow and two children to mourn their loss.

The Rushden Echo Friday 8 September 1916, transcribed by Nicky Bates

Rushden Soldier Victim

The late Pte Edward Bozet, Northants Regt., who as reported in last week's "Rushden Echo," was killed in action on Aug. 18th. Deceased was the husband of Mrs Bozet, 147 Winstanley-road, Wellingborough, and the only son of Mr and Mrs Harry Bozet, of 42 Glassbrook-road, Rushden.

Mr and Mrs Harry Bozet and Mrs Edward Bozet wish to thank the many friends for their expression of sympathy with them in their great bereavement.

"Rest in Peace."

The Rushden Echo Friday 27 October 1916, transcribed by Nicky Bates

Glorious Armies of the Allies - Avenging the Loss of their Gallant Sons - Bereaved Parents At Rushden - Receive a Message of Sympathy

Mr and Mrs Harry Bozet, of 42 Glassbrook-road, Rushden, have received the following letter from CO-Qr-Mr-Sergt A G Wix, B Co., - Northants Regiment in reply to inquiries made regarding the death of their son, Pte Edwards (Ted) Bozet, whose death has been recorded in the "Rushden Echo."

"I am in receipt of your letter inquiring for particulars of the death of your son, who was killed hi action. I very much regret that I cannot give your details of how he died, as one cannot notice particularly the fate of other men when the rush is made in the trenches, for if we hesitated on these occasions undoubtedly we would all be annihilated. I can only learn that your son was mortally wounded in going over, and when the stretcher-bearers found him he was dead.

" I hope you will find some consolation in knowing your son died fighting for his country and the nation, who with their Allies are fighting for right and justice.

"You may not know that the Regiment went over and made an attack on the German trenches in the afternoon, and the did all that was asked of them, viz., drive the Germans out this particular trench and consolidated and firmly held it against counter-attack. I heard it said by other independent individuals that the companies in question went over the top just as if they were marching on parade.

"It must seem very hard for you and his wife to lose him on this third occasion of his coming out here, and I wish to express my deep sympathy with you and yours in your bereavement. May it be of some little satisfaction for you to know that the glorious Armies of the Allies are abundantly avenging the loss of their gallant sons. The papers tell us how the Armies are completely overwhelming the Germans and that their soldiers are still imbued with the spirit of our forefathers, and are upholding the reputation of the British Army. I shall miss your son from the company, for he was always a good soldier, very willing and liked by his comrades."

The Wellingborough News Friday 3 November 1916, transcribed by Nicky Bates

Rushden Soldier's Last Pay-Day

Mr and Mrs H Bozet, of 42 Glassbrook-road, Rushden, have received a letter from GQMS A G Wix of the Northants Regiment, who gives particulars of the death of their son, Pte Edward Bozet (reported several months ago). GQMS Wix says, "I remember a remark he made on the last pay day before he went to the trenches, which was something to the effect that he would like a decent amount, for he did not expect he would need any more, as this might be his last pay."

The Rushden Echo Friday 17 August 1917, transcribed by Nicky Bates

In Memoriam

Bozet: - In ever loving memory of our dear son "Ted", Pte Edward Harry Percival Bozet, dearly loved and only son of Mr and Mrs Harry Bozet, of Rushden, who was killed in action, near Guillimont, ENE of Albert, on August 18th, 1916, aged 22 years.

Rest in Peace

Promoted to Higher Service. From his sorrowing mother, father and sisters.

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