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Information from Clive Wood, 2008
Lance Corporal Arthur Bryant

20794 7th Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment

Son of Mr Frank & Mrs Susan Bryant
Husband of Elsie Bryant

Aged 26 years

Died 30th April 1916

Commemorated at Ration Farm (La Plus Douve) Annexe
Grave II. C.3.

Born and enlisted at Rushden.
From the Burnt Records, Peter Inns & Kay Collins

Arthur Bryant had already served 4 years in the Territorial Army when he enlisted on 7th October 1915. He was 25 years 8 months old and was described as being of very fair physical development, 5' 4" tall, weighing 130 pounds, with a chest of 33" (2½" expansion). He had married Elsie George at Irchester on the 5th April 1915 and their son Ronald was born on 8th February 1916. They had been living in Glassbrook Road, but Elsie and her son moved back to Irchester when Arthur left England.

Arthur went to France on 29th March 1916 and joined the 7th Battalion on 21st April 1916; just 9 days later he was killed in action, being gassed. His wife and son were granted a pension of 15 shillings a week.

Rushden Echo, May 12 1916, transcribed by Clive Wood

Killed by Gas - First of Capt. Stocken's Rushden Recruits to Fall

We regret to announce that Lce-Corpl. A Bryant (Northants Regt) son of Mr Frank Bryant of 53 Glassbrook-road, Rushden, and husband of Mrs Bryant of Irchester, had according to many unofficial advices been overcome by asphyxiating gas and died from its effects. According to letters which have been received, Lce-Corpl. Bryant was working at the time in 'No-Mans land', and was suffocated despite the fact he was wearing his gas-helmet. Mrs Attley of Pemberton-street, Rushden, was one of the first to receive the news, which was contained in a letter sent by her son.

The deceased enlisted last year in Captain Stocken's party and went to the Front at the time of the great blizzard, being transferred to another of the county battalions. It is believed that he was the first of Capt. Stocken's Rushden recruits to be killed. Before enlisting he worked at Messrs Sudborough's boot factory, Higham Ferrers.

The Rushden Echo Friday 26 May 1916, transcribed by Nicky Bates

Rushden Soldier Killed Lance-Corpl Arthur Bryant A Victim to Poison Gas

We regret to report the death in action of Lance-Cpl Arthur Bryant, Northants Regt., son of Mr F Bryant, of 53 Glassbrook-road, Rushden. The first news was contained in a letter to Mrs Attley, of Pemberton-street, Rushden, whose son Pte Ralph Attley was Pte Bryant's chum. The news was confirmed in letters which the deceased soldier's wife received from the Lieutenant in his platoon, from one of her cousins at the front, and also from Pte Atley, and is also commented upon in several other letters received from the front by different townfolk.

From what can be gathered of the different letters it seems that Lance-Cpl Bryant was with a working party who were out at night. When on the return journey the party were caught in gas fumes which were being sent out of the German trenches. Lance-Cpl Bryant was missing and found afterwards the next morning lying with his gas helmet on. It is assumed that he was unable to put his helmet on in time to escape the asphyxiating fumes.

Lance-Corpl Bryant joined Captain Stocken's 8th Northants Battalion while they were in Rushden, and was drafted to an active service battalion and left for France about five weeks ago. It is believed that he was the first of Captain Stocken's Rushden recruits to fall in action.

Before enlisting he was employed by Mr A Sudborough, shoe manufacturer, of Higham Ferrers, in the lasting department.

This (Friday) morning Mrs Bryant has received official news of the death of Lance-Corpl Bryant.

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