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Private Sydney W Denton

17930 1st Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment

medals 'penny'
Private Sydney Denton's medals and plaque [Courtesy of Bill Bates]
Son of Mr Fred and Mrs Ada Denton

Aged 22 years

Died 3rd April 1916

Commemorated at St Patrick's Cemetery, Loos
Grave III. H.12

Born and enlisted at Rushden.
The Rushden Echo, 13th November 1914, transcribed by Jim Hollis.

Two Rushden Men Wounded - Brothers in Arms - Privates Reg. & Sid Denton

Pte S Denton
The Argus Newspaper
Mr. and Mrs. F. Denton, of Rushden, whose two sons, Privates Reg and Sid Denton, have been serving with the Steelbacks at the front, have received news to the effect that both have been wounded. Private R. Denton is now in the military hospital at Liverpool, having been wounded in the calf. He writes to his parents as follows :- “I shan’t be home for some time, as the bullet in its course smashed my bone and so makes it much worse.” He asks his father to thank the members of the W.M.C. for sending him cigarettes.
Continuing he says: “Whoever wrote that letter to me says that Whiting has been taken a prisoner, but I think he is killed, but I won’t contradict. Chris Glidle is dead, as he was killed at my side in a night attack. He was shot under the heart. I am writing to Sid; he was wounded in the fight the day before I got hit. It is terrible out there, I can tell you, the day I was shot, that was a week last Friday, and I can tell you I was very glad to get out of it then, but had I known then as much as I do now, I would sooner have been killed, I can tell you. After what I have suffered at the war it will go hard if any of them ever interfere with me in my future life or anybody who has had anything to do with them that I know.”

Private S. Denton, who is in hospital at Rouen, France, writes: “I am in hospital, wounded. Dr. Greenfield is here, and comes to see me every day. He got me a pipe to smoke, and said he was going to write to his wife and tell her to come along and see you.”

We understand from Mrs. Denton that Mrs. Greenfield has kindly carried out her husband’s request, and conveyed the information that Private S. Denton has lost a finger.

With reference to Private R. Denton’s report that Private Whiting has been killed, we are able to state that his mother has received a postcard from her son Herbert, in his own handwriting, posted from Gottingen, Germany, stating that he is a prisoner of war.

The reference to Glidle is not at present confirmed.

Rushden Echo, April 21 1916, transcribed by Clive Wood

Reported Death of Young Rushden Private

Pte. DentonWe regret to state that Mrs Denton of 37 Crabb-street, Rushden, has received official news that her son Pte. Denton Northants Regiment has been killed in action. The late Pte. Denton was only 22 years old, and his name is on the Park-road Baptist 'Roll of Honour'.

Rushden Echo, April 21 1916

Rushden Hero's death confirmed

There have been persistent rumours regarding the death of the soldier son of Mrs Denton of Crabb-street, Rushden. We are afraid the sad fact is only too true, as we understand a letter has been received from the deceased soldier's officer, saying that the lad fell on the field and has been buried. The deepest sympathy will be felt with Mrs Denton, who has suffered greatly from the worry and uncertainty of the fate of her gallant son. The deceased was only 22 years of age.

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