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Information from Clive Wood, 2008
Privates Harry & Horace Field

9737 & 9332 2nd Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment

Private Harry Field Private Harry Field
Private Harry Field
Private Horace Field
Sons of Mr Thomas & Mrs Hannah Field

Aged 26 & 28 years

Both died 14th March 1915

Commemorated on Le Touret Memorial
Panel 28 to 30

Both were born and enlisted at Rushden.
The Rushden Echo Friday 4 December 1914, transcribed by Nicky Bates

Intense Cold - Soldiers Parade with Towels Around Their Necks

From an unknown place Pte Harry Field, a Rushden "Steelback," writes to his parents as follows; "It is very cold here. We go on parade with towels around our necks and are even then starved to death. But I expect it is colder in England. I have never been so cold in my life, and shall be glad when it gets a bit warmer. I have never seen Horace (his brother); but we keep shifting about"

The Rushden Echo Friday 11 December 1914, transcribed by Nicky Bates

Rushden and District War Items

Pte Harry Field (Rushden), of the 2nd Northants Regiment, now in hospital in France, suffering from badly frozen feet. As stated in last week's "Rushden Echo," he fought knee-deep in water until his feet were badly frozen.

The Rushden Echo Friday 5 February 1915, transcribed by Nicky Bates

Rushden Soldiers Back in the Firing Line

We learn that Privates Harry and Horace Field (Rushden) are now in the firing line again. It will be remembered that the latter had to leave the trenches some time ago with frozen feet. He had been fighting knee deep in ice cold water or some days and had been within a very short distance of the Germans.

Rushden Echo, March 26 1915, transcribed by Clive Wood

Rushden Brothers - One Reported killed and the other wounded

From information received it is feared that two Rushden brothers have met with death or wounds on the field of Battle. A Rushden soldier, writing home to relations, says he is sure that Private Harry Field, son of Mrs Field of Washbrook-road, Rushden was killed at Neuve Chapelle. His brother, Pte Horace Field, also appears to have been either killed or wounded, but on this point the writer is not sure. Mrs Field has not heard from them for some time, and is very anxious concerning their fate. Private Harry Field of the 2nd Northants Regiment, went to the front in November or December. His brother of the same regiment, came from Egypt in November.

The Rushden Echo Friday 26 March 1915, transcribed by Nicky Bates

Rushden Soldier Killed And His Brother Wounded? - Unofficial Information

The toll exacted by the war, and particularly by the battle of Neuve Chapelle, has been very keenly felt in Rushden.

Indirect information comes to hand of the death of Private Harry Field, and the injury of Private Horace Field, both of Rushden. Sergt Percy Steel, writing home, says he is sure that the former was killed at Neuve Chapelle, and is under the impression that Private Horace Field is wounded. Letters from both have been published in the "Rushden Echo" at different times, but it is some considerable time since either of them wrote, so that the friends are naturally anxious to gain all the information possible.

It will be remembered that Private Horace Field was in hospital for some time with frostbitten feet. He was not able to get home, however.

The Rushden Echo Friday 9 April 1915, transcribed by Nicky Bates

Rushden Soldier Killed - Official Intimation

Yesterday's War Office list of casualties includes the death of Private Harry Field (Rushden), of the 2nd Northamptonshires, whose death we announced a fortnight ago. A letter worded in the usual way has been received by Mrs Field together with an enclosure from Lord Kitchener expressing the deep sympathy of the King and Queen in the sad bereavement

Private Harry Field's brother Private Horace Field, also a Steelback, has not been heard of since the battle of Neuve Chapelle.

The Rushden Echo 7 May 1915, transcribed by Nicky Bates

Extracts from letters from Ted Steele to his brother William Steele of 39 Victoria-road, Rushden.

"I have since the big battle of—walked through the village and over the ground which was once occupied by the Germans. It is a big consolation to us to be able to do this. Mrs Field's younger son was killed in action on March 11th and the other son we have not heard of since the action. I am rather afraid there is little hope if she has not heard from Horace since the action which took place on March 10th. Her eldest son was in my section both in Malta and in Egypt, and we have stood side by side in the trenches many long and cold nights on sentry, knee deep in water. He was in hospital a short time with frozen feet. On his return he was again in my section, and he was always cheerful and a brave soldier. There was a great lot of wounded, and it is impossible for me to say if he was amongst them or not."

Under date April 26th he writes: "Harry Field was killed at Neuve Chapelle with another fellow of my company, the one bullet killing both. He was shot straight through the heart whilst we were advancing. Horace, who was in the same company and platoon as myself, is still missing and there is no hope for him, I am sorry to say. I think he was blown to pieces by a big shell and would not be recognised. We were under very heavy shell fire for two days and one shell would kill as many as a hundred if it drops among us."

The Rushden Echo, 4th June, 1915, transcribed by Gill Hollis

Rushden Soldier Missing
Private Horace Field of The Steelbacks

Pte. Horace Field (Rushden), 9332, 2nd Northants Regt., has been missing since March 11th, when he was left wounded on the field, nothing being subsequently heard of him. His mother, Mrs. Field, of 39, Washbrook-road, Rushden, Northamptonshire, would be glad of any information from his comrades or others. Pte. Horace Field’s brother (Pte. Harry Field) was killed in action at Neuve Chapelle.

The Rushden Echo 23 June 1916, transcribed by Nicky Bates

Rushden Man's Death - The Late Private Harry Field - Official News

Official news has been received of the death in action, of Private Harry Field, formerly a Rushden man, and a brother of Mr Field, of 29, Spencer-road, Rushden. Pte Harry Field was some time ago, in our columns, reported missing. He was a son of Mrs Williamson, now of Finedon but formerly of Rushden. His brother Private Horace Field, was reported in the "Rushden Echo" killed 12 months ago.

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