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Private William Glidle

200561 1st/4th Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment

Son of Mr Eli & Mrs Avice Glidle

Aged 19 years

Died 27th November 1917

Commemorated at Ramleh War Cemetery
Grave C.3.

Pte H Glidle and brother
H W Glidle is thought to be the man standing.
The other brother is unidentified.

Photo courtesy of Clive Wood
Born at Rushden, enlisted at Northampton. One of three brothers in the same regiment.
The Rushden Echo Friday 31 August 1917, transcribed by Nicky Bates

Rushden Family's War Troubles - Pte F L A Glidle Loses an Eye and Received Serious Wounds - Two Brothers Killed

We regret to report that Mrs F Glidle of Little-street, Rushden, has received news to the effect that her husband, Pte F L A Glidle, of the Northants Regt., has been injured, and is now in hospital at Brighton. He is wounded in the arm and leg, and has lost one of his fingers and an eye.

Pte F L A Glidle is a son of Mr and Mrs Eli Glidle, of 67 Little-street, Rushden, and his family have been very badly hit through the war. The father, who is blind, is in consumption, and two sons have been killed, viz., the late Pte Chris Glidle and the late Pte Herbert Glidle, both of the Northants Regt. Another son, Pte William Glidle, has been in hospital in Egypt for the past 15 weeks suffering from fever and diphtheria. Yet another son, Pte H E Glidle, is fighting in France, with the Machine Gun Corps, and a son-in-law, Lce-Corpl W R Cocking, of the Northants Regiment, is in Egypt.

The eldest son, and the last of six, Mr F Glidle appealed to the Rushden Tribunal for exemption on the grounds that he was contributing to the support of his father and mother, and was given six months' open exemption. The Recruiting Officer appealed against this, and the County Tribunal reversed the decision of the Rushden Tribunal, reducing Mr Glidle's exemption to December 27th, final. It was this decision - with other cases - that was the basis of the protest by the Rushden Tribunal on Monday last.

The Wellingborough News Friday 27 November 1914, transcribed by Nicky Bates

Died of Wounds - Rushden 'Steelback' Succumbs at the Front

Mrs Glidle, of 67 Little-street, Rushden, received the sad news on Thursday from the War Office notifying her of the death of her son, Pte C George Glidle, of the Northants Regiment, which occurred on the 23rd October. He died of wounds received at the front. Pte Glidle was only 19 years of age. Mrs Glidle has another son, Pte Wm Glidle, serving the colours who is in the territorials.

The Rushden Echo Friday 21 December 1917, transcribed by Nicky Bates

Rushden Parents' Third Loss - The Saddest Case in Town - Private William Glidle Killed in Action

We sincerely regret to report that Mr and Mrs Eli Glidle, of 67, Little-street, Rushden, have suffered their third bereavement through the war by the death in action on November 27th of their fourth son, 200561, Pte William Glidle of the Northants Regiment. The late Pte Glidle, who was 21 years of age, enlisted voluntarily three years last October, and up to the time when he met his death he had been in Egypt about two years. Before enlistment he was employed by Messrs. Selwood and Co., boot manufacturers, Rushden.

Mr and Mrs Glidle have yet two other sons remaining with the Colours, viz., Pte Fred Glidle, of the Northants Regiment, who received 14 wounds on August 8th this year, involved the loss of his left eye and a ringer of the right hand, and who is now in hospital at Epsom; and Pte Harold Eli Glidle, of the Machine Gun Corps, who is in France. The only other son, Mr Frank Glidle, was refused exemption after December 31st this year by the County Tribunal, and is due to join the Colours on Boxing Day. Very much sympathy is felt with the family, as the father is bedridden with consumption and also blind.

The Wellingborough News Friday 28 December 1917, transcribed by Nicky Bates

Tragic Losses of Rushden Family

Mr and Mrs Glidle, of 67, Little-street, Rushden, have suffered another sad bereavement, the third of the war. Pte William Glidle, of the Northants Regiment, their fourth son, was killed in action on Nov. 27th. The deceased soldier was 21 years of age, and enlisted three years ago. He had been in Egypt for two years. The family have two other sons still in the Army. Pte Fred Glidle had 14 wounds on August 8th, losing an eye and a finger. He is still in hospital. The only other son, Pte Frank Glidle, is due to join up on Boxing Day. The family have the sympathy of the town, for the father is blind and bedridden.

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