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Lance Corporal Harry Elliott Meadows

30250 Bedfordshire Yeomanry
(also served with Household Cavalry & Imperial Camel Corps)

Son of Mr Harvey & Mrs Sarah Meadows

Aged 33 years

Died 29th March 1918

Commemorated on the Pozieres Memorial
Panel 7.

Born and resided at Rushden, enlisted at Bedford. Emigrated to Australia but had returned.
The Wellingborough News Friday 25 December 1914, transcribed by Nicky Bates

Local War Items - Rushden Driver with Australian Contingent

In a letter home Driver Harry Meadows (of the 5th Battery AFA 2nd Brigade Field Artillery, 1st Australian Division) gives his mother an interesting account of his voyage with fellow soldiers back to England. It was three years last July since, through the agency of Mr Henry Raby, of Kettering, he booked his passage to the Antipodes, left Rushden and "the dear homeland" - as he affectionately alludes to the Old Country - and took to farming "down under". His brother, by the way, is in the office of the Kettering Gas Company. Driver Meadows writes: "I am on my way with the Australian contingent; they are a fine lot of young fellows. We left camp at 3.15 am on 20th October, arrived at Port Melbourne 8.30 am, loaded the horses, and sailed at three o'clock." After referring to Sydney's eminently satisfactorily way of dealing with the Emden, he says: "When Sydney passed us we were not allowed to cheer on account of the wounded."

The Rushden Echo Friday 20 August 1915, transcribed by Nicky Bates

Rushden Soldier - Through the Algerian Lines

The following letter had been received by Mr J V Meadows, formerly of the R.M.L.I., Rushden, from his brother Harry, who is on active service. He says:

"I told you we were on the move. We had to march our horses for two days to a well-known port on the coast. It would have been a rare sight had it been fine. On our journey here we had to go through the Algerian lines. It was very picturesque to see them lying about, also cantering about on their small white ponies. I bought some tobacco from them. It is fine stuff, just like the best shag.

"On the second day we marched back, all the brigade together. I should think those that saw us drilling at 5 a.m. on the sands thought it a fine sight, as all the brigade were in it together. On Thursday we came up right behind the firing line again for an indefinite period. Bombardment on and off all the time.

"By the way, I have just seen Trooper Sugars, who was in Rushden the other week. We came up in motor-'buses, quite a change from horses. I thought I was travelling down Oxford street, but for the surroundings. But the last four miles we had to walk. You should have heard the remarks."

The Rushden Echo Friday 12 April 1918, transcribed by Nicky Bates

KILLED - Mr Vawser Meadows, of 22 Irchester-road, Rushden, has heard from unofficial sources that his brother Lance-Corpl Harry Meadows, Yeomanry, has been killed in action. Pte Purslow, of the same regiment writes that he saw lance-Corpl Meadows shot down, and that he (the writer) was the only one who escaped.

The Rushden Echo Friday 19 April 1918, transcribed by Nicky Bates

Rushden's Casualty List - Men Killed, Wounded and Gassed

Mr Vawser Meadows, of 22 Irchester-road, Rushden, has now received official news of the dearth in action on March 29th of his only brother, 30250, Pte Harry Elliot Meadows, Yeomanry. The late Pte Meadows, who was an old Wellingburian, was well known not only in Rushden, but also at Bedford, as right up to the time of joining the colours he was in the employ of Mr John P White, of the Pyghtle Works, Bedford. Only six weeks prior to the outbreak of way he was in France on his firm's business. He was 33 years of age, and was engaged to be married to Miss Ashby of Stanley-road, Wellingborough, who has received many condolences in her bereavement. The late Pte Meadows' career at Wellingborough Grammar School was highly successful, as he came out well in all examination lists. He was a son of the late Mr Harvey Meadows, of Rushden, a well-known tradesman, but both his parents passed away some years ago.

Kettering Leader, 3rd May 1918, transcribed by Kay Collins

Lance-Corporal’s Death

Lce.-Corpl. Harry Elliott Meadows (33), of the Yeomanry, is officially reported as having been killed in action on March 29th. He was a son of the late Mr. Harvey Meadows, of Rushden, and prior to the outbreak of war was in the employ of Mr. J. P. White, Bedford. He was an old Wellingburian, and came out well in all the School examinations. He was engaged to be married to Miss Ashby, of 16, Stanley-road, Wellingborough, to whom much sympathy has been extended.

for an article about Mr John Vawser Meadows see Soldiers Notes 27th November 1914

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