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Boy 1st Class George Alfred Tailby

H.M.S. 'Hampshire' Royal Navy

Seaman G A TailbySon of Mr Clement & Mrs Ada Tailby

Aged 17 years

Died 5th June 1916

Commemorated on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial
Panel 14

Born at Rushden.
Wellingborough News, June 9 1916, transcribed by Clive Wood

Rushden Seaman Lost

Among the crew of H.M.S. Hampshire, which was sunk whilst conveying Lord Kitchener to Russia, was a young Rushden lad, Seaman George A Tailby, only son of Mr & Mrs C Tailby of 21 Midland-road, Rushden.

It is greatly feared that he perished when his ship went down. Seaman Tailby joined the Navy just after the outbreak of war and did his training on H.M.S. Impregnable. He was most successful in all the examinations, and was quickly drafted on to the Hampshire, the only Warship he has served on. During the past year and a half he has several times visited the town, where he has always been well known and liked. He was only 17 years old.

Wellingborough News June 16 1916

Rushden Lad Goes Down with Kitchener

Mr & Mrs C Tailby of 21 Midland-road, Rushden, have received an official notification that their son, Seaman George A Tailby, lost his life when the Hampshire went down. Two letters were received from the deceased sailor last week, assuring his parents that he was quite safe after the naval battle, and inquiring whether any Rushden sailors had been hurt. He expressed a hope soon to be home. Amongst a number of consoling letters which Mr & Mrs Tailby received was one from the sister of the late Lieut. Cooke (of Wellingborough) who stated that her brother had often spoke of George as a 'promising lad'.

Note: The Battle - 'Wednesday May 31 1916-Battle of Jutland - Heaviest sea fight in history'.

The Rushden Echo Friday 9 June 1916, transcribed by Nicky Bates

Rushden Sailor - Lost on the 'Hampshire' - Death at the Post of Duty

It is with great regret we have to announce that Seaman George A Tailby, son of Mr and Mrs C Tailby, of 21 Midland-road, Rushden, has been lost with the crew of HMS Hampshire, on which ship Lord Kitchener and his staff met their fate.

Seaman Tailby joined the Royal Navy at the outbreak of war, being only 15 years old at the time, and after a period of training on the training ship Impregnable, joined HMS Hampshire, an armoured cruiser.

The young sailor has been home seven times since joining the Navy and has made many friends in Rushden.

Regrettable as is the loss of so young a sailor, it may be remembered by his relatives and friends with pride that he died at the post of duty, and by the side of England's greatest soldier. Nothing can of course, do must to temper the blow that has fallen on the bereaved family, but the knowledge of the widespread sympathy that is felt with them in theirs as a melancholy consolation.

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