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Gunner Walter Charles Taylor

198315 26th Battery 17th Brigade Royal Field Artillery

Memorial courtesy of
Mark Hollis, 2014
Son of Mr Albert & Mrs Sarah Taylor
Husband of Jubilee Victoria (nee Cross)

Aged 28 years

Died 12th September 1917

Commemorated on the Tyne Cot Memorial
Panel 4 to 6 and 162

Born at Harpenden, resided at Irchester.
His brother Harold is also on the War Memorial but their other brother Percy is not.
The Rushden Echo Friday 5 October 1917, transcribed by Nicky Bates

Rushden Parents' Double Loss - Death of Gunner W C Taylor - Formerly of Irchester - Officer's Splendid Tribute

Gunner Walter Charles Taylor, Royal Field Artillery, formerly of Irchester, has we regret to say, been killed in action, unofficial news to that effect having been received by his wife, Mrs Taylor, who is now residing with her parents, Mrs and Mrs T Cross, of 13 Pytchley-road, Rushden. The deceased leaves in addition to the widow, two children - a girl and a boy - the elder being under five years of age.

The late Gunner Taylor, who had just turned 29 years of age, formerly worked for Messrs. Duncan and Davison, boot manufacturer, Rushden. He went through the Mission Sunday school at Rushden. On his marriage, seven years ago, he and his wife went to reside at Irchester, and they lived in station road. On January 16th this year he joined the colours, and it was only ten weeks ago that he went to France. Deceased was well known and highly respected in both Rushden and Irchester.

Lieut T R C V Durell has sent the following letter to Mrs Taylor: "I am very sorry indeed to have the painful duty of telling you of your husband's death in action. If the sympathy of myself and of his friends - The NCOs and men of the battery - is any comfort to you in your grief, you have it in full. Though your husband had not been with us very long, he was well known and liked by us all, and his cheerful and willing nature under trying circumstances earned him the respect of officers and men. Nothing one can say can bring him back to you, but perhaps in time hereafter it may comfort you to know that he died a soldier's death. He was with me at the time, and three other gunners working on a new position for the guns. A German shell exploded not far away, and ended your husband's life. His death was absolutely instantaneous, and he felt no pain at all. Of that I can assure you. I took various papers from his pockets before we buried him, including a bible and several letters. These will be forwarded to you in due course, and also the location of his grave. I was present at his burial, and have made arrangements about erecting a cross. If there is any other information at all that I can give you, please let me know. In the meantime, with all sympathy, believe me, yours sincerely, T C V Durell, Lieut."

The deceased soldier was the second son of Mr Albert Taylor, carpenter, of Sartoris-road, Rushden, and much sympathy will be felt for Mr and Mrs Taylor, this being their second bereavement in the course of a couple of months, another son, Pte Harold Taylor, having recently fallen in action. Two other sons are serving - Pte William Taylor, who is in France, and Pte Percy Taylor, who has just joined the Colours, on reaching the age of 18.

For the widow of the late Gunner Taylor deep sympathy will be felt. Having heard nothing form her husband for a fortnight, she had become anxious, and the first intimation of her husband's death was that contained in Lieut Durell's letter.

The Rushden Echo Friday 12 October 1917, transcribed by Nicky Bates

Victim of the War

Gunner Walter Chas. Taylor, RFA, formerly of Irchester, son of Mr A Taylor, of Sartoris-road, Rushden, who was reported in last week's "Rushden Echo" was killed in action in France, leaving a widow (now residing with her parents, Mrs and Mrs T Cross, of Pytchley-road, Rushden) and two children.

Gunner Walter TaylorThe Wellingborough News Friday 12 October 1917, transcribed by Nicky Bates

Rushden Casualties

Gunner Walter Charles Taylor, of the R.F.A., has been killed in action. His wife, Mrs Taylor, of 13 Pytchley-road, Rushden, received the sad news recently. Gunner Taylor was 29 years of age, and leaves two children under five years of age. He was formerly employed by Messrs. Duncan and Davison, Rushden, and resided at Irchester. He joined up in January of this year, and was the son of Mr Albert Taylor, carpenter of Sartoris-road, Rushden, who has recently suffered a similar bereavement, Pte Harold Taylor having fallen in action two months ago. Mr Albert Taylor has two other sons serving. The deceased soldier's officer sent a very kind letter to the widow, paying high tribute to the deceased soldier's qualities.

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