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Street Memorials WWI
Essex Road & South Terrace and Oswald Road & Winchester Road

Essex Road & South Terrace

Rushden Echo, 16th March 1917, transcribed by Gill Hollis

The dedication of a Roll of Honour for Essex-road took place on Saturday afternoon.  The Rector (Rev. P. Robson), in the course of an address, said he was glad to know that these street rolls of honour had comforted some – in how large measure he did not know, but in a measure a great deal larger than he had ever dreamed of.  Not only from the point of view of those at home, but from a point of view of those who were on active service, the street rolls of honour had a useful purpose.  It would be photographed, and postcards of it would be sent to the men at the Front.  When the lads on active service received these postcards and saw what had been done in their honour, when they saw the street in which they had played all their lies, the one spot in all the world which was dear to them, and the one house which meant the best and truest place on earth, when they saw their old friends standing round at the dedication service and remembered that it was done in their honour, he was sure it would comfort them.  And if anything would give two or three seconds comfort and gladness in the heart of a lad in the trenches it was worth any amount of money and any amount of trouble.  If they came to the practical purpose of it, there was the little box in which they might place their gifts, and from those contributions the boys on active service would receive a gift in money or an acceptable present of chocolate, cigarettes, etc., not from the people in the home, not from the mother, because they would get that separately, but from the people in the street.  For that reason he thought it was worthwhile placing these rolls of honour in the streets of the town.  The Rector then read the names on the roll, and offered a dedicatory prayer.  The roll was given by Mr. Clayton.

Rushden Echo, 8th March 1918

A Year’s Work – On March 10th, 1917, the roll of honour for Essex-road and South-terrace was dedicated by the Rev. P. Robson.  During the twelve months the sum of £36  10s. has been raised and distributed to the lads whose names are inscribed on the roll.  This amount is made up in the following way: A weekly contribution by the residents in the above-named streets, £30  6s.; taken from box attached to roll of honour, £4  10s.  6d.; sale of golliwogs, conducted by Miss G. Penness, Essex-road, and Mrs. Stokes and Mrs. A. Hanger, South-terrace, £1  2s.; and a guessing competition, arranged by Mrs. Richardson, Essex-road, 10s.  6d.  One of the lads whose names are on the roll has been killed during the year; one has been badly wounded and discharged from the Army; one has been taken a prisoner of war and his parents are in regular communication with him.  The Secretary writes: A great number of letters have been received from the lads expressing the high appreciation of the roll of honour scheme.  The committee wish to take this opportunity of thanking the Editor of the “Rushden Echo” for giving such a free and full publicity to their reports from time to time in his widely-circulated paper.

Rushden Echo, 14th December 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

Essex-road Soldiers—Since the opening of the Roll of Honour for Essex-road and South-terrace on March 10th last, £22 5s. has been sent to the 24 lads whose names are inscribed on the Roll, and through a few weekly collections and a special effort in the above named streets on November 10th the Committee are able to send 5s. to each of the boys as a Christmas gift.

Essex Rd Shrine
Rev Keeler holding a service at the shrine in 1919

Oswald Road & Winchester Road

Scanning at high resolution we read these names:

On Active Service


Herman Baker
Charles M Baker
[Walter] Baker
Harry ....
Frederick G [Rat..hall]
Frederick Reynolds
Charles Robinson
Sydney [J T] Smith
Geo... Coleman

Agnew Ayres
Albert Cave (missing)
Herbert Cave
James W Downing
Fred Green
Archibald H Hodgkins
William Holiday
George E H....kins
Albert [F Fi....]
J... ....
Frederick S W.....
Charles . W.....

Winchester & Oswald Roads shrine
Oswald Road & Winchester Road Shrine

Rushden Argus, 18th May 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

Memorial—At the Winchester-road, Oswald-road, and Pightles Terrace Roll of Honour a memorial service was held on Sunday to the Memory of John Henry Bamford, aged 28 years, who was killed in action on April 11th. There was a good attendance, and the Rev. Percy Robson gave an appropriate address.

Rushden Echo, 8th March 1918, transcribed by Kay Collins

A Successful Dance was held on Feb. 28th, in aid of the funds of the Oswald-road, Winchester-road, and Pyghtles-terrace Roll of Honour, resulting in the sum of £10 18s. being raised. The corresponding number was drawn for, the winning numbers being: 1st Prize, 1646; 2nd, 543; 3rd, 1860; 4th, 1862. This competition brought in £7 2s. 9d., making a total of £18 0s.9d., from which amount the committee have sent 10s. to each one serving from the district, besides handing over to the Prisoners of War Fund £2. Since the commencement of this small Roll of Honour the sum of £46 has been sent to its members.

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