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Appeals Tribunals

There are many Tribunal reports in the Rushden Echo - here are some.

County Appeals include Conscientious Objectors

There are some records held at Northamptonshire Record Office

Rushden Echo, 17th December 1915, transcribed by Gill Hollis

Rushden Appeals Tribunal
Applications for Postponement - Official Instructions

We understand that many of our readers are anxious for information regarding the course of procedure necessary for an “appeal” under Lord Derby’s scheme. By the courtesy of the clerk to the Rushden Appeals Tribunal (Mr. G. S. Mason) we are able to publish the following information:-

Any person wishing to be placed in a later group of the Special Army Reserve under Lord Derby’s scheme than that in which they were placed on attestation, should take an appeal to the local tribunal to be postponed to such later group.

No person can be postponed more than ten groups on one appeal, and the tribunal have no power whatever to grant exemptions.

Notices of appeal can be obtained from the local recruiting officer or the clerk to the tribunal, Mr. G. S. Mason, High-street, Rushden. The appeal forms have to be filled up in duplicate and forwarded to the clerk. Due notice of when the appeal will be heard will be given at least seven days before the appeal day, but no person’s appeal will be heard until the 8th group prior to that in which he was placed on attestation has been called up by proclamation.

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