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Community News, April 2008
Nurse Florrie Trusler
War verses recorded in nurse's autograph book
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Nurse Florrie Trusler
Nurse Florrie Trusler
BACK in 1915 the Parish Rooms, Higham Ferrers, were put into use as a voluntary aid detachment (VAD) hospital. An autograph album kept by Florrie Trusler, a nurse who lived in Rushden, captures the thoughts and moods of the patients who signed her book. For some, it was close to home, for others, they were still many miles from their home country.

It is hard to imagine why Sgt Fred Davies, of the 1st Canadians, wrote:
True friends are like diamonds,
Precious and rare,
False friends like autumn leaves,
Around everywhere.

Was it gallows humour that caused Evelyn Whitby to write:
I have no pain dear mother now,
But ok, I am so dry,
Connect me to the village pump,
And leave me here to die.

But easy to see why Cpl G Lloyd, 123 Field Co. R.E, penned the following short verse:
All ye that look inside this book,
Think both of the writer,
Also the owner of this book.

A touch of humour in distressing times came from Sgt B Mason, Kings Royal Rifles, whose entry reads:
The happiest days of my life,
Were spent in the arms of another man's wife,
My mother.

Nurse Trusler
1931 Presentation

Mrs. Reeves presented to Lady Officer Miss Trusler, of Higham Ferrers, the service medal of the Order of St. John which has been awarded to her for 15 years' efficient service in the St. John Ambulance Brigade.

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