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William John Wood
171657 Army Service Corps

William John Wood, son of William and Ellen, was born 30th May 1890. Like his father, he became a carpenter by trade. He joined the "O" company, being the Rushden Division of the Wellingborough and District Volunteer Training Corps. When the Rushden Volunteer Training Corps was set up in 1915 his father, aged 45, was soon enrolled.
VTC badge

Volunteers 1915

tag ASC insignia
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Army Service Corps

standing - right
W J Wood - back right

On his horse
On his horse
trench art
W J Wood - did this trench art using spent bullets

William returned to Rushden after the war, and returned to carpentry, being involved in the erection of the CWS factory's new office block in 1920.

He is standing left of the corner post above the gateway, long before any 'Health and Safety' regulations!

building the offices

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