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The Rushden Echo & Argus, 4th April, 1941, transcribed by Jim Hollis
Wartime First Aid Post

Court Estate A.R.P.
Aiming at Fully Equipped First Aid Post

The first annual general meeting of the Court Estate First-aid and Warden Services was held on Wednesday evening at the first-aid post, Rushden Lodge.

Mr. F. M. Chappell was in the chair, and there was a good attendance of members.

The secretary, Mrs. R. G. Thompson, gave a report on the year’s work. Mr. Chappell presented the accounts and showed a balance in hand of £7 12s 3½d.

Mr. Chappell was again elected to serve as chairman for the coming year, and after the committee election there was a general discussion. With a population of about 400 people and being two miles from the town, it was the unanimous opinion that it was necessary to have a fully-equipped first-aid post on the spot.

Through the residents’ own efforts they now have a post, and it was hoped that they would be given official recognition by the authorities concerned.

The total strength of the services is seven wardens, two messengers, 19 first-aid post workers and 70 fire-watchers.

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