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Rushden Echo & Argus, 22nd August 1947
Wells Run Dry at Rushden

Drought conditions on the Bedford road – roadside tank service
DUMPS of iron pipes on the road verges south of Rushden indicate that the Water Board's extension scheme is soon to begin.

In the meantime residents of the Court Estate and neighbouring districts are having to be helped through the drought period.,

Along Avenue Road, Court Estate, many of the shallower wells ran dry after months of almost rainless weather, and water tankers have had to visit the estate almost daily to pour supplies into them.

On the Newton road a tanker has been placed at the service of a bungalow colony. It is refilled twice a week— usually on Tuesdays and Fridays—and left stationary in a central position, supplying about 600 gallons of pure drinking water a week.

There are 27 houses, and the residents visit the tanker with pails and cans—most often in the evening, when the men are at home.

This service has been introduced this year for the first time, and is of great value to the estate.

On the Bedford road, where the houses are more scattered, water is obtainable from tanks placed on the verges.

A piped supply may be available to these areas next year.

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